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Chiller Technician

    To Work As Chiller Technician Responds to Facility Service Work Orders. Responses primarily will be of the issues with the HVAC systems. Completes major repairs and in-depth preventative maintenance as well as other facility maintenance services as
    Should have Diploma in Chilar Technician with good Exp.

    Electro Mechanic

      To Work As Electro Mechanic Operate, test, and maintain unmanned, automated, servo-mechanical, or electro mechanical equipment. May operate unmanned submarines, aircraft, or other equipment at worksites, such as oil rigs, deep ocean exploration, or h
        Should have Diploma in Electro Mechanic with good Exp.

        Fire Alarm Technician

          To Work As Fire Alarm Technician Fire Alarm Technicians install, test, maintain and repair fire safety and security systems, such as fire alarms and suppression systems, that ensure the safety of occupants of both residential and commercial facilitie
            Should have Diploma in Fire Alarm Technician with good Exp
            4+ years experience

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Recruiter Name:Md. Farman

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