Leading creative agency - Seychelles, born in 2005, specialising in design, print and web. Our team of graphic designers, web designers, print production specialists, and marketers work on various types of projects aimed at bringing brands and ideas to life.

  • Delivery of work that is on brief, aesthetically pleasing, thoughtful and visionary
  • Designing for Web: Website layouts, Banners, Icons, etc.
  • Designing for Print: Logos, Corporate Identity, Branding, Adverts, Stationary, Magazine layouts, Brochures, etc.
  • Preparation of artwork, printing specifications and coordination of production process
  • Communication with clients to determine design details for specific projects
  • Other duties as assigned
    1. Share ideas and work with the team collectively
    2. Transfer thoughts and ideas into interesting and innovative designs
    3. Complete projects by designated deadlines
    4. Multi-task on various designs
    5. Produce accurate and high-quality work
    6. Have experience with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign
    7. Have a good level of English spelling and grammar

3+ years experience

Recruiter Name:Komal Srivastava

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