• Lead and develop the IT team, maintaining a collaborative and constructive working environment within the IT Department and across the Bintang Group. 
    • To deliver the strategic development of the IT function in support of the business objectives of the firm. 
    • To be responsible for the network infrastructure, its maintenance, development and ongoing availability. 
    • Ensure data is stored securely and is accessible at all times (e.g. business continuity, disaster recovery and system back up). 
    • The effective management and development of the firms telephony and mobile communications. 

    • Hardware and Server infrastructure is maintained and developed in line with an agreed ICT strategy. 
    • Backup & maintenance server
    • Maintenance network and Computer
    • Maintenance printer
    • Maintenance database
    • Maintenance software application 
    • Maintenance microtech
    • Develop ICT SOPs and Train Staff.

Recruiter Name:Komal Srivastava
Email Id:komal.srivastava@naukri.com

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