WTS Energy’s Abu Dhabi entity Worldwide Emirates Services would run a recruitment 

campaign in February for a well reputed oil & gas company in the United Arab Emirates. 

All jobs are UAE based, rotational, long term contract with competitive salary. 

Operators and Technicians should have minimum 8+ years and Senior Operator / Technician 

must have 12+ years experience in oil & gas (owner/operator) or large petrochemical / refinery/
plant in operations / facilities / maintenance. 

Apply with correct REFERENCE number in the subject to recruitmentdrive@wtsenergy.com; for the most relevant / suitable job and second relevant / suitable job only, avoid multiple applications.

RCZM01 Control Technician
RCZM02 Control Technician Gas Turbines
RCZM03 Senior Control Technician Gas Turbines
RCZM04 Crane Operator
RCZM05 Electrical Technician - Plant & Operations
RCZM06 Senior Electrical Technician
RCAS07 Emergency Control Room Operator
RCAS08 Fire & Safety Technician
RCUT09 Gas Export Operator
RCUT10 Gas Export Operator Senior
RCUT12 General Utilities Operator - Senior
RCMT14 HVAC Technician Senior
RCAS16 Instrument & Control Technician
RCAS17 Instrument & Control Technician Senior
RCAS18 Instrument (Fire & Gas) Technician Senior
RCAS19 Instrument Technician
RCAS20 Instrument Technician Senior
RCAS22 Lab Technician Senior
RCMT24 Crane Technician Senior (Mape)
RCMT25 Mechanical Technician
RCMT26 Mechanical Technician - Gas Turbines
RCMR27 Mechanical Technician Senior
RCBK28 Operator - Storage & Loading
RCBK29 Operator (Production/Process/Plant/Utility/
Oil & Gas)
RCBK30 Operator Senior - Storage & Loading
RCBK31 Operator Senior (Production/Process/
Plant/Utility/Oil & Gas/Panel)
RCBK32 Operator Senior (SIMOPS)
RCBK33 Power and Utility Operator Senior
RCBK34 Power Generation Plant Operator
RCBK35 Power Generation Plant Senior Operator
RCZM36 Radio Operator
RCMT37 Rotating Equipment Technician
RCMT38 Rotating Equipment Technician Senior
RCBK39 Telecom Technician Senior
RCUT40 Utilities Senior Operator
RCUT41 Utility & Storage Senior Operator
RCWT42 Well Head Operator
RCWT43 Well Head Operator Senior
RCWT44 Well Pad / Drill Site Operator
RCWT45 Well Pad / Drill Site Operator - Senior
RCWT46 Wireline Operator
RCWT47 Wireline Operator - Senior

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