Our company is part of an international group with offices in The Gambia, Nigeria, UAE and India.
We are currently looking to fill positions for our Gambia office (in West Africa).
Our import and distribution business in The Gambia has been established since 1958 and we represent multinational brands/companies such as Mars, Johnnie Walker and Imperial Tobacco. For more about our company, please visit www.chellaramsgambia.com

    1) attending to customers in shop
    2) creating invoices, estimates and credit notes
    3) co-ordinating deliveries
    4) answering phone calls from customers
    5) visiting customers when required
    6) maintaining displays
    7) receiving and issuing stock
    8) keeping and maintaining stock register
    9) helping in stock-takes and reconciliation of inventories 
    10) other general sales/storekeeper exercises
    Required Characteristics: Honest, hardworking, quick learner, good English speaker, careful and diligent with numbers. Will be using a program similar to Tally which we will provide training with.

    Following are the details of our package:
    - 2 year renewable contract.
    - SAVING approx Rs. 7,00,000 p.a. (calculated at current exchange rates).
    - Detailed breakdown of Salary: USD 900 per month saving (this is purely savings which you will not have to use at all) plus the salary of approx USD 135 local (paid in the local currency) per month to cover food expenses.
    - Offshore Salary part ($900) payable every 6 months in arrears with $5000 held as security from the first 2 payments till the end of the contract to ensure completion of the contract. This means you will receive the following payments overseas: $2900 after 6 months, $2900 after 12 months months, $5400 after 18 months and $10400 after 24 months (at the end of the contract). The local salary (approx $135 paid in local currency) will be paid to you in Gambia at the end of every month.
    - Company will pay for your travel from Mumbai to Gambia at the beginning of the 2 year contract and after completion of 2 years, the company will pay for your travel back to Mumbai; during the 2 year contract, there will be no travel to / from Mumbai, India.
    - Accomodation (fully furnished house and house rent), electricity and water bills covered by company. House is shared with other Indian ex-patriate bachelor of company managers.
    - Transport / Conveyance: company will provide transport to and from work and for any work-related activities.
    -Family cannot travel or stay with candidate during the contract period.
    Excellent expat package. At the end of 2 years, you will go back to India and we will discuss the possibility of renewing your contract based on your performance. The intention is to consider a long-term career with the company. This contract cannot be broken during the 2 years and if the employee tries to break the contract, significant financial penalties will apply; hence only candidates willing to fulfill a 2 year contract need apply.

Recruiter Name:Nitin Chellaram
Company:K Chellaram and Sons (Gambia) Ltd
Address:Mamadi Maniyang HighwayKanifing, K.S.M.D.,BanjulBanjul,Gambia 275
Email Address:nitinchellaram@yahoo.com

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