One of our Esteemed Client is looking for Aircraft Maintenance Technician based out of Jeddah. With specific skills in the areas of

    1.Avionics /
    2. Cabin /
    3. Structure /
    4. Airframe /
    5. Power-plant.

    Involving  a routine / basic level aircraft maintenance, scaling upto an involved and specialised levels dependent upon the level of authorization.
    Should also have 
    1. Skilled level 'C' in Engineering, Ramp and transit avionics
    2. ATA knowledge on the same aircraft as per JSM standards. 
    Experienced in :-
    1. Maintenance of  different types of aircrafts,
    2. coordination with flight despatch
    3. Digital transfer of technical information across departments (specialised aircraft services)

    3+ years experience

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