The hiring company is a startup, modern, state-of-the-art technological company in the medical industry, focusing its efforts in bringing its product(s) to lead the next frontier in medical tourism, customer/patient perception of how we see doctors and medical businesses.
We are looking for an ideal & passionate individual who is knowledgeable in Web and Mobile Technologies and keen to explore with us.

Opportunity to work based in Singapore awaits successful Full Stack Developer candidate.

Senior Web, Mobile (Full Stack) Developer (iOS, Android & Windows) is responsible for designing, coding the project.
  • Build and deploy website
  • Build and deploy iOS, Android & Windows applications
  • Setup all framework & server architecture and requirements.
  • Build APIs based on requirements
  • Provide core so ware engineering practices (Testing, Performance,
    Clean code) 

  1. Skill Requirement
    • Strong proficiency in web application development such as JavaScript, JavaScript ES6, Node.js, CSS, HTML, HTML5.
    • Development of web and mobile through React (Onsen) platform for both web and mobile application
    • Strong proficiency in mobile application development flow and must be familiar with iOS, Android & Windows applications.
    • Strong experience in using Git and GitHub.
    • Experience/ Knowledge in Mocha testing JavaScript framework, and
      experience about implementing other web services.
    • Familiar with deploying code into production environments through
      spinning up instance running on all platforms.
    • iOS, Android & Windows mobile development with Responsive web design. 
    • 5+ years experience

Recruiter Name:Shawn
Telephone:+65 91459050

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