Position Title: Sr. Supervisor (QF Central Plant Coordinator)

    Reporting To: Contract Manager

    Position Purpose: Creates, modifies, reviews and discusses with Manager - Operations and Maintenance the equipments- preventive maintenance for daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Reviews and approves requests for general and hot/cold work permits. Frequently visits sites to ensure that adequate safety preparations are made and recommends work be carried-out to specific safety requirements. 

    Key Working Relationship: Frequent contacts with Supervisor at his own level within the Department and outside, to discuss work schedules, agree on priorities & resolve the problematic issues
    Position Qualification
    At least 8 years of varied maintenance and operational experience in refinery plants or oil/gas stations or similar facilities with exposure to large HVAC installations 

    Knowledge and Skills:

    The incumbent should have a minimum of 5 years supervisory experience. Completion of Diploma/Certification of 3 years duration. 
    Good knowledge of English, (both written and understanding technical manuals) is essential. 
    He must be very familiar with the use of the computer and its applications. 
    To Coordinate the overall operational activities of the Central Plants (Energy Centers) and plant rooms in a safe and optimum manner: 
    i) AHU, FCU, UFT ix) Fire Protection System 
    ii) Building Management System x) Heat exchangers 
    iii) Chiller xi) Lighting Control System 
    iv) Compressors xii) Piping network 
    v) Cooling towers xiii) Pumps 
    vi) Diesel Generators xiv) Swimming pools 
    vii) Filter / Strainer xv) Water feature 
    viii) Fire alarm system 

    To lead the team of Central Plant operators, Industrial cleaners, and to coordinate with QF representatives in operation of Central plants and plant rooms 
    To guide and direct central plant operators, Operation supervisors and Industrial cleaners in carrying out Operation of energy centers 
    To ensure that the uninterrupted provision of utilities to all the facilities in an optimum manner. 
    To ensure that the plant and equipments are utilized in a very optimum manner so that productivity is achieved at maximum 
    To ensure that the highest level of plant reliability is achieved through safe and optimum operation, proactive maintenance initiatives, assessment of plant parameters and analysis of trends 
    To ensure safe work site conditions are achieved throughout the year by means effective PTW management and work site supervision 
    To study the plant/equipment performance, start/stops, trips, alarms and carry out root cause analysis, trend analysis so that the highest level of plant reliability is achieved 
    To review the logbooks, plant parameters, PTW records and guide the team in running the operation activities at a world class level 
    To coordinate with Maintenance team in timely processing of work requests initiated by operation team. 
    To initiate/process/monitor work requests in CAFM or any other computerized system or through manual process in archiving the highest level of plant reliability and availability 
    Initiates the inspection/investigation team for major plant shutdown, equipment breakdown and plan developments. 
    Directs and regularly checks and modifies safety equipment and systems on the Central Plants such as smoke , fire detection, safety valves and back-up system, various alarms and wide range of firefighting equipments, evacuation modules and various individual safety clothes and equipment. Ensures all Central Plant personnel strictly adhere to the safety rules and regulations and aware of the various emergency /evacuation procedures. Carries-out safety courses/drills and tests on regular basis
    Reviews spare-parts inventory and other requirements for chemicals, oil, diesel, water, tools, protective clothes, stationery and other materials 

    Risk, Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (HSE):
    Comply with Cofely Besix Mannai FM Quality Assurance and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Risk Management Systems, including legal and statutory obligations.
    Participates in improvement and issue resolution process/initiatives of Cofely Besix Mannai. 
    Identify and report close call to avoid the future incidents.
    Identify and report problems in processes or systems. 
    Promote a positive HSE culture in the workplace. 

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