Responsible for planning, research, permitting, engineering design, specifications, performing engineering calculations, construction administration, landfill monitoring and design, waste reduction, special wastes, landfill tours/public education, resource recovery.
    Responsible for waste disposal and recycling facilities; assists in surveying, gas monitoring, groundwater monitoring, asbestos disposal, contaminated soil disposal, air monitoring, air permit compliance, grant applications, strategic planning updates, public meetings, construction inspection; works with communities, businesses, industries, civic organizations, and individuals to promote recycling and other methods of waste disposal.
    Design or supervise the waste facilities, waster transfer stations, waste treatment, site remediation, or pollution control technology.
    Serve as liaison with federal, state, or local agencies or officials on issues pertaining to solid or hazardous waste program requirements.
    Provide assistance with planning, quality assurance, safety inspection protocols, or sampling as part of a team conducting multimedia inspections at complex facilities.
    Develop site-specific health and safety protocols, such as spill contingency plans or methods for loading or transporting waste.
    Prepare, maintain, or revise quality assurance documentation or procedures.
    Provide technical support for environmental remediation or litigation projects, including remediation system design or determination of regulatory applicability.
    Request bids from suppliers or consultants.
    Develop, implement, or manage plans or programs related to conservation or management of natural resources.
    Prepare hazardous waste manifests or land disposal restriction notifications.
    Assess, sort, characterize, or pack known or unknown materials.
      Bachelor's degree in industrial, mechanical, chemical, civil engineering,
      7 years and above of relevant engineering experience, preferable construction project experience
      Knowledge of principles and practices of solid waste, including recycling and resource recovery
      Effective problem solving and interfacing skills in managing assigned timelines.
      A strong team player in working with multiple project team members and internal functional staff.
      Work Location: Malaysia
      2 years contract.
      Recruiter Name:Manju
      Company:Clayworth Engineering India Private Limited

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