GOLDEN SWAN G.E.S.L is based in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea and a part of SHREE HARI GROUP based in Mumbai, India. 
      GOLDAN SWAN performs total Waste Management Services like Removal, Collection, Recycling and Disposal for all types Hazardous as well as Non-Hazardous Scrap / Waste including Scrap Metals, Scrap Plastics, Used Batteries, Used Oil, Waste Chemicals and Electronics Waste etc. We ensure that your waste solution balances your objectives, operational demands and budget. Our certified support team will create a custom service program to remove your waste materials at your convenience, while ensuring you are compliant with local and state regulations. 
      Take a look around for more information about our company and the services we provide. We look forward to working with you and thank you for your business. 
      GOLDEN SWAN was founded in 2010 by SHREE HARI GROUP- INDIA For over 4 years, GOLDEN SWAN has been a collector and processor of all Ferrous & Non- Ferrous Scrap Metals, Scrap Plastics, Used Batteries, Used Oil, Waste Chemicals etc. serving India, Africa and the other Countries. 
      We maintain a high level of quality service to hundreds of commercial and industrial customers. We provide prompt pick up services with our own professional drivers and a fleet of vehicles designed to meet the needs of each customer. 
      GOLDEN SWAN also welcomes the individual scrap / waste producer. People are encouraged to bring their scrap materials to any of our locations. Please visit the 'Locations' page of our site for information and maps to our facilities. 
      Our staff understands that the customer is still the most important part of any business. Please call or come see us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you and thanks for stopping by.

      Responsible for Operation of Rotary Kiln Incinerator, Efficiently incinerate liquid, Sold & Plant Gases, Waste & Ash Mgt, Pre treatment for Incinerate in incinerator/outside disposal, Availability of RM & PM, MIS, Plant problem & trouble shooting.

      • Waste Management
      • Solid Waste
      • Liquid Waste
      • Treatment Plant
      • Hazards Waste

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