1. Responsible for safety of plant and personnel on his shift to Control Incidents/accident during shift;
    2. Supervise & conduct normal operation activities, Safety walk/talk & ensure product quality all time;
    3. Monitor any deviations in normal plant/equipment running and trouble shoot plants operation to take corrective actions and optimize plant performance as per guidelines;
    4. Check the operational Parameters and analysis it to implement changes as required;
    5. Give instructions to subordinates for work and any corrective action to be carried out during shift;
    6. Update & follow up all maintenance and other jobs with all other service department;
    7. Responsible to ensure the effective implementation of loss control policies and procedures in shift;
    8. Requesting attention of concerned support sections directly or through other staff whenever needed;
    9. Coordinate, control and follow up all maintenance activity in plant and with other outside agencies;
    10. Issue mandatory shift reports as per established practice & procedures and ensure that personnel records and files are properly maintained and up dated;
    11. Handle, control and monitor the start-up, shutdown & plant upsets /emergency safely and efficiently;
    12. According to the SAP/CMMS system, coordinate and management operation team.
    13. Coordinate on the job training for new personnel and local staff to enhance knowledge of existing personnel.
    14. Participate in the free flow of information needed to facilitate training, Effective way of operational and continuous improvement activities.
    15. The Employee shall carry out his duties safely and to the highest quality standards to comply with Companys control policies, procedures and regulations in general as well as departments SOP and Work Instructions.
    16. Ensures correct information is passed on and received at the end of shift and Completes, up keep all documentation required during plant operations neatly and accurately. This will not be limited but includes mainly the Log book and other data records.
    17. The employee shall carry out Quality Coordinator and other duties as requested by his supervisor in achieving plant objectives & improvements.
    6+ years experience

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