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    Robotics Instructor 


    We are looking for Robotic Specialists who find innovative/creative ways to challenge students. These workshops/Classes provide quality education development: to ensure age-appropriate standards-based classes. We need someone who can guide the students and fulfill the curriculum requirements; provide opportunities for growth through instructional strategies and classroom management skills. 


    Have a passion for robotics, coding and engineering.
    Should be reliable, personable, flexible, engaging and energetic.
    Conduct hands-on practical classes on Robotics/Aeromodelling/circuit design .
    Can facilitate group-based learning while keeping it fun with audience.
    Comfortable communicating with audience .
    Enjoy working with kids in a hands on, interactive way.
    Enthusiastic about using manipulatives like LEGO and KNEX to build and learn.
    Experience in making/playing/creating Video Games, LEGO EV3, VEX Robotics.
    Able to design curriculum requirements.
    Able to follow the course curriculum as designed.
    Set up and clean up materials before and after each session
    Encourage and guide throughout sessions.
    Help students build projects when needed.
    Help students in constructing Robots and Aircraft Models.

    Qualification and additional skills :
    Minimum 3 years college credits with a focus on 
    Science, Technology, Math, Engineering, Education, or other highly relevant 
    field; Bachelors degree preferred .
    At least two years experience in teaching robotics .
    Additional knowledge of programming like Java, HTML ,java script, c, c++ would be extra advantages for the right candidate.

    Please mail your CVs to

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