Hiring COMMIE 1/ 2/ 3 from AMERICAN CUISINE in Saudi Arabia: 

    -2 years of contract, 9 hours duty (Including 1 hr. break) 6 days a week + OT (if applicable)
    -Transportation & Accommodation provided by the company.

    1) COOK (Commie 1) 

    Salary- SR 2100 + 200 (Food) (Negotiable as per experience)

    Job Description -
    -Candidate work will be to set up workstations with all needed Ingredients and cooking equipment.
    -Prepare Ingredients to use in cooking (chopping and peeling vegetables, cutting meat etc.)
    -Cook food In various utensils or grillers.
    -Ensure great presentation by dressing dishes before they are served
    -Expert in American Cuisine.

    2. ASSISTANT COOK (Commie 2/ 3)

    Salary- SR 1600 + 200 (Food) (Negotiable as per experience)

    Job Description- 

    -To assist the Catering Manager/Chef with all tasks as requested
    -To assist in keeping the larder, fridge and freezer clean and organized
    -To ensure that the kitchen area, including floors are clean at the end of each day
    -To order the necessary cleaning products/materials to maintain the kitchen to a high standard d of cleanliness
    -Comply with Health and Safety legislation

    Interested candidates may contact on;

    Email- princy@soundlinesgroup.com 
    Phone - 8767777901

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