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3F Industries Limited (formerly Foods Fats & Fertilizers Ltd) is an Indian MNC which enjoys over 50 years of commendable reputation producing a range of products through its various facilities in India and overseas. 
We have operations in overseas markets like Singapore, the Middle-East, Vietnam and West African countries. We have more than 5000 employees and a customer base that includes some of the world's most renowned companies. 
Our portfolio includes Bakery Fats, Fats for Frozen Desserts, Fatty Acids, Deoiled Cakes, Glycerine, Margarine, Refined Oils, Soap Noodles & Toilet Soaps, Specialty Fats & Confectionery Fats, Stearic Acid, Waxes, etc. We are also engaged in Power Generation, International Trading in Commodities and R&D.

  • To analyze sales and inventory levels for estimating the gap
  • To research for profitable vendors, identify, develop vendors and maintain partnerships
  • To communicate the specifications and expectations clearly 
  • To negotiate for best contracts, ensure execution and monitor the effectiveness of the contracts 
  • To monitor business trends that may impact the supply or demand of product for quality and timely delivery 
  • To develop strategies for sourcing, storing, distributing and maintaining stock levels 
  • To plan and maintain budget
  • To manage procurement process from the beginning to the end of the procurement cycle
  • To develop and track performance metrics 
  • To follow trends and anticipate events through data analysis and develop control strategies
  • To prepare for risk management of supply contracts / agreements

    The candidate should have experience in commodity trading and should have exposure to African markets and willingness to relocate to Ghana.
    Recruiter Name:Bhushan Penumaka
    Company:3F Industries Limited

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