To tutor Maths, Science and English for children of the INTECH staff and management according to IGCSE Syllabus.
    To teach Maths and Science to groups of students from all abilities across years 7 11. 
    To ensure that all lessons are planned with clear aims and objectives.
    To ensure that all lessons are delivered in line with the departmental schemes of work and school policies. 
    To take into account the differing ability lessons of students and differentiate work accordingly.
    To encourage all students to be actively engaged in their own learning and in reviewing their progress against targets. 
    To ensure that all students are known by name and that the classroom atmosphere is positive at all times.
    To encourage and foster intellectual curiosity.
    To deal with inappropriate behaviour quickly and effectively.
    To check that all subject matter is effectively communicated and understood by all groups of students.
    To set appropriate tasks and challenges for homework according to the published timetable, and ensure that it is regularly marked with constructive feedback.
    To keep careful records of student progress.
    To ensure that there is a high standard of display work in the classroom, which is changed frequently.
    To keep work areas tidy and well organized. 
    To attend scheduled meetings in the office.
    To work with colleagues to formulate plans which have coherence and relevance to the needs of the individual students.
    Management Information:
    To ensure the maintenance of accurate and up-to-date information on all classes taught. 
    To make use of analysis and evaluation of student data.
    To identify and take appropriate action on issues arising from data, systems and reports.
    Produce reports for the department on assessment data, including examination data.


    To ensure effective communication and consultation with parents and careers of students. 
    To liaise with other schools, higher education, industry, local community groups etc. as appropriate. 

    Pastoral Responsibilities

    To act as a Form Tutor and carry out all of the responsibilities linked with that role.
    To monitor and support the overall progress and development of students within your Tutor Group.
    To monitor student attendance in lessons and ensure that follow-up procedures are put in place where necessary.
    To contribute to the delivery of PSHE.

    Curriculum Delivery 

    To deliver the curriculum effectively through a variety of different learning strategies. 
    To adopt appropriate learning strategies having given due consideration to the length of the session, intended learning outcomes and the characteristics and needs of the student body.
    To communicate effectively with students and respond appropriate to their needs. 
    To ensure appropriate student participation in the teaching and learning process in classes, exercises, case studies etc. 
    To ensure that the learning outcomes for the discipline/subject/unit/module etc. are efficiently and effectively delivered. 
    To ensure that curriculum content, learning materials and curriculum delivery give positive images of minority groups.

    Student Assessment

    To ensure that all assessments are fairly marked and graded and that there is consistency between gradings. 
    To ensure that there is an appropriate marking framework for assessed work, and that the framework is known to, and used by, all members of the teaching team, and that students are aware of and understand the framework.
    To meet the deadlines set for the return of work to students and provide feedback.
    3+ years experience
    Recruiter Name:Tej Bahadur Rai
    Address:Ring Road Street, Janzour, Tripoli,Libya 8602

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