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Avanti is a venture-backed education company established by IIT alumni in 2013 with the mission of taking a high-quality math and science education to every district in India by integrating passionate teachers, world-class curriculum and technology.
Avanti is a recipient of several global honours including the Echoing Green, Ashoka and Draper Richards Kaplan Fellowships, and the Forbes 30 Under 30 Global Award. Our investors include the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Pearson Affordable Learning Fund and Asha Impact. Our academic board is chaired by Prof. Eric Mazur, Dean of Applied Physics at Harvard and the world's leading expert in Peer Instruction

Position: IIT JEE SAT Chemistry Mathematics Faculty
    The Faculty is the backbone of Avanti's classroom. He/she is responsible for teaching, inspiring, training and motivating students towards achieving their learning goals.


    The role of a Faculty involves the following tasks, functions, and responsibilities:

    Classroom Teaching and Facilitation:

    Prepare for classroom sessions in advance and teach students at different Avanti centers for 30 hours a week using Avantis unique pedagogy that requires students to view recorded videos, discuss conceptual questions with peers and work collaboratively on problem sets/assignments

    Actively monitor students classwork and homework to ensure they are on track to achieving their learning goals

    Mentoring, Career Guidance, and Academic Support

    Build strong relationships with students through one-on-one interaction sessions, helping students overcome their problems both academic and personal in the process

    Regularly work with students to break down their academic workload into small achievable goals; Track their progress on these goals

    Debrief with students regularly on their test scores and classroom performance (both school and Avanti), suggesting ideas on how they can improve the next time

    Enable students to chalk out their future career paths by providing them information about different options available to them based on their strengths and interests

    Data Analysis

    Consistently collect and upload data and feedback about classroom and test performance on Avantis online learning management system

    Periodically analyze student performance for his/her respective subject across all batches he/she teachers

    Use these dashboards to generate insights on reasons for poor student performance; devise solutions to address those problems

    Additional Initiatives:

    Create a healthy learning culture by working on initiatives like (but not limited to) arranging expert sessions, organizing field trips/excursions, planning scientific debates in the classroom etc.


    Passion for working in education and teaching

    Proficiency in Grade XI and XII Chemistry/Mathematics

    Belief that all students can learn and achieve their goals

    Ability to connect with, inspire and motivate students

    Excellent communication skills

    Excellent critical thinking skills, including the ability to link cause and effect and generate solutions to problems

    Career Progression :

    After the first year, high-performing Faculties will be promoted to the role of a Senior Faculty, with a significant increase in responsibilities.

    After spending one more year at Avanti, high-performing Senior Faculties can choose one of the following paths: -

    Regional Manager Business role; Manage operations of one entire business unit (hubs) - Subject Expert Academic role; Manage academic outcomes and teacher training for one entire hub (All decisions on promotions and compensation will be carried out annually and will be based on the last two performance evaluations)


    We also additionally provide health insurance which covers all our employees up to 2,00,000 of medical expenses per year. Apart from this, we provide healthy time-off (around 60 days in a year) and provide flexibility and an open culture to ensure our employees don't burn off easily.

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