• Substantial Knowledge in Mechanical and/or Electrical Engineering 5 to 10 years work experience in Utility department Manages successful performance of power, water, wastewater, steam, chilled water and associated infrastructure.  
  • Coordinates 24/7 coverage of utility performance. Manages staff, equipment, and facilities for successful 24/7 utility performance Ensures Vectrus, subcontractors, and vendors abide by program, contractual, and industrial standards/best practices, where required, which meet the requirements of the contract. 
  • Establish budgets and control expenses. Provides and directs engineering, design, construction and maintenance services for existing and new infrastructure. Services include designing, engineering, constructing, and managing construction subcontractors for new permanent and temporary facilities, as well as remodeling and maintaining existing structures Maintains and revises the various utility standard operating procedures (SOPs), manuals and publications.
  • Provides oversight of data administration with subordinate activities to include timely and accurate submission of reports, documents and other contract required documentation.
  • Reviews the various fiscal reports for accuracy and manages the budget for adherence to the annual program plan. 

  • Ensures that facility operations organization meets exceeds the clients needs and expectations. Ensures proper receipt and completion of trouble calls. 
  • Manages personnel who respond to, execute, and complete trouble calls, facility modification requests, and any other requests for special work, including identifying the work being requested, defining the scope of the work, making any necessary repairs, and/or identifying and receiving any required approvals to such work.
  • Ensures preventive maintenance and service calls are performed in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, standards and codes imposed by the federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Experienced in Textile Industry Outlines and implements machinery overhaul and maintenance schedules for breakdown prevention.  
  • Outlines monthly checking and inspection of all pipings concerned with production, inclusive but not limited to steam pipes, water pipes and air pipes. 

  • Ensures daily machinery cleaning (body & electrical panels) along with cleanliness of the production field. Implement appropriate Utility Organizational flow chart by Assigning, Allocating and Appointing utility sector staff based on individual skill to cover maintenance and troubleshooting of production machinery (both electrical & mechanical) enabling smooth operations in aims of reducing down time.
  • Ensure all tasks appointed to subordinates are completed correctly and efficiently. Monitors operating mechanism of all machinery including chain-grate boilers at a daily bases to ensure machine is operating at optimal efficiency. Attend immediately to minor repairs and/or adjustments of machinery to prevent breakdown


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