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    NSEIT is hiring Team Leader for Data Migration, short term assignment in Stockholm (close to 6-12 months).

    Candidate should be ready to travel to Stockholm in September, much have valid passport.

    Job Description:-
    The NSEIT team leader will be responsible for the solutions.
    The team leader is involved in the whole development process, from design study to implementation as well as maintenance and support. 

    Candidate should be ready to travel to Stockholm in September, much have valid passport.

    Must be form BFSI domain only (trading is preferable)

    Must be Excellent in Data migration (is migrating data from existing system to our core banking application)

    Should be handson : Core Java, JDBC, ETL, MQ Series, JPA,, PL/SQL, Microservices.

    Stockholm (close to 6-12 months). 
    Base location : Mumbai (after the assignment)

    Basic topics: Technologies / methodologies / know-hows that all candidates for senior roles must show quite deep understanding about.
    o Object-oriented development
    o Java (Standard Edition) SE
    o Database Systems
    o Java Enterprise Edition OR Spring Framework
    o Source code control systems, such as Git or Subversion
    o Build tools (Maven, Gradle)
    o Software testing methodologies
    o Java testing frameworks (JUnit, Mockito, etc.)
    o Continuous integration concepts
    o SCRUM/ Agile development methodologies.
    Advanced topics:
    Theoretical and practical topics related to design and implementation of CA (Consistency, Availability) and AP (Availability, Partition Tolerance) systems;
    Candidate must be able to show that he/she understands the basics and differences of both models. Deep understanding and hands-on experiences regarding CA and / or AP system design is considered as big advantage.
    1. CA system design:

    Distributed (XA) transactions different resource usage in same transaction (ex.; JMS, Datasource, SOAP, cache);
    Knowhow to apply correct transaction isolation level depending on use case;
    How to achieve application level repeatable read when database provides read committed;
    Experience with distributed transactional caching (ex.: Infinispan);
    Modern Java concurrency - thread pool usage in parallel streams, managed executors,
    o Understanding of @Instance and @Dependent beans usage pitfalls;
    o Asynchronous CDI events ant thread pools;
    o Lazy vs Eager fetching;
    o Fetch plans;
    o JPA entity with complex class inheritance mapping to DB schema understanding;
    o Value Objects / Composition (JPA ElementCollection), non-sharable semantics;
    o Implementing Optimistic/Pessimistic locking strategies;
    JDBC performance optimization; understanding of cursors;
    Clustered CA system design:
    o Clustered system in one DC design;
    o Clustered system distributed in several DC sites design (disaster recovery);
    o Fail-over design approaches

    2. AP system design:
    Micro service implementation experience
    CQRS and event sourcing based system design
    Distributed event log architectural style (ie. Kafka)
    o Event deduplication
    o Delivery guarantees (at least once, at most once, exactly once)
    Knowledge of eventual consistency models
    o Data merges without conflicts;
    o Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDT) " ability to identify relevant use cases;

    Please send across your resume on along with

    Total /Relevant Years of Experience
    Expected Salary
    Notice Period
    Passport No & Expiry date

    Swapna Gupta
    NSEIT Limited
    (CMMi level 5 Company -100% Subsidiary of NSE India Ltd)
    |Tel: + 91-22-4254 7497 | |

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