Facility Specialist
    1.Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent from a recognized college or university. 

    2.Knowledge in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

    3.Experience in project estimating costs.

    4.Skill in conducting safety and sanitary inspections.
    5.Experience with contract, writing, negotiations, budgeting, scheduling, monitoring, and resolution disputes.
    Ability to communicate effectively in written and oral English language.
    6.Knowledge in budget and finance policies.
    Skill in analyzing technical information, contract specifications, drawings and cost estimating.


    Five (5) years work experience in the planning, layout, design, equipping of food and non-food service facilities, construction management, Food processing and Grocery Distribution facilities.

    Statistical Analyst

    • Five (5) years experience on statistical analysis with an ability to perform various statistical reports, data analysis and summaries using financial and other relative reference data as a source material
    • Must have exceptional database and analytical skills.
      Fully conversant in computer operations with emphasis on the current version of Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, Excel, Access).

    Building Utility Inspector

      Seven (7) years experience from the date of qualifications in building construction and maintenance, including three (3) years experience in construction and maintenance inspection activities, with related estimating and preparation of scope of work experience
      Associate Degree in Engineering or Two (2) years Technical College Specialization related to position.
      Fully conversant in computer operations with emphasis on the current version of Microsoft Office (Word and Excel). 

    Please send your updated CV along with Copy of Working Testimonials, Relevant Experience & Education Certificates, Passport Copy to team6@agpindia.com / team11@agpindia.com

    Recruiter Name:Bhargavi / Tamil
    Telephone:04444450013 / 

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