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    Key Purpose
    - Translates the requirements into executable code without errors
    - Finds effective software solutions to technical issues
    - Ensure that the application performs the functions as required by business
    - Releases source code with zero defects

    Key Outputs
    Source Code: 
    - Implement the Technical Specification using the relevant development language (Java)
    - Produce source code by applying various technical standards and referencing the systems exposed sub-processes
    - Update the reference documentation and update the project scheduling tool with progress
    - Consult with Business Analyst and Systems Architect on technical issues encountered
    - Document logic and comments inside code
    - Document Database structure changes and rule changes
    - Produce or update the configuration files

    Unit Test Code: 
    - Conduct unit testing, and fix any defects found
    - Review error logs and provide Business Analyst with updates on fixes found in testing
    - Consult and assist the Business Analyst in reviewing defects found in testing
    - During Test Standby duties, handle any defects as raised in the testing process
    - Release the source code with zero defects

    Peer Review Report: 
    - Participate in the process of reviewing code for consistent application of standards, logic and effective use of libraries and reusable aspects of the application

    Defects root cause analysis: 
    - Respond to incidents escalated by the Incidents team
    - Log issues in the appropriate issues tracking system
    - Conduct preliminary analysis on issues
    - Verify and validate build stability

    - Learning orientation
    - Structured and analytical problem solving
    - Prioritization, planning and organizing
    - Stress Management
    - Action orientation

    Technical Competencies
    - Business Writing
    - Software development within SDLC
    - Data modelling

    - Processes: SDLC. Unit Testing. Database structure design. Technical Change Control.

    Qualifications & Experience
    - Engineering disciplines or computer applications degrees 

    Minimum Required Experience:
    - At least 6 years experience in source code development

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