Activity planning
    Establish production standards (time, quantities, waste ...).
    Guarantee the conformity of the products with the procedures in force.
    Organize, plan and control production operations in accordance with procedures and procedures.
    Plan maintenance interventions.
    Define and control production dashboards.
    Control the application of production regulations (GMP or GMP) and rules of hygiene, safety and environment.
    Analyze and correct the production master plan.
    Optimize methods and manufacturing processes and / or packaging.
    Optimize the organization of team work.
    Communicate, read and write technical documents, reports, notes.
    Identify anomalies and implement an action plan.
    Identify the potential causes of an accident and implement preventive measures.

    Supervision of the production team
    Animate and coordinate production teams by providing them with schedules and working documents.
    Ensure the management of the team's human resources (recruitment, evaluation, training ...).
    Participate in the training and information of the production teams.
    Supervise team leaders and ensure the transmission of information.
    BS.c in Pharmacy, Chemistry, engineering or other related scientific field
    Minimum of 10 years experience 
    Understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical regulations
    Working experience in Algeria is a plus
    French language is a plus

Nikhil Nagri

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