Environmental Engineer
    The environment specialist will have a suitable international environmental qualification with 10 years experience, have experience on ADB assisted projects, and demonstrate significant experience on environmentally sensitive areas and issues in Cambodia or countries within similar geographical areas in the region.
    The environment specialist will provide approximately 0.7 month of services during detailed design stage and approximately 2.3 months of services during construction supervision period. 
    For the Project roads the environment specialist will:
    (i) ensure that environmental and climate change adaptation design measures are specified in the EMP are incorporated in the detailed design;
    (ii) ensure that the ADB-approved initial environmental examination (IEE) and EMP are updated to reflect the detailed engineering design and the EMP is included in the bid and contract documents for civil works;
    (iii) coordinate with the Social Development/Safeguards Specialists (international) in preparing environmental safeguards training materials and train SEO staff in the scope and detail of their responsibilities so they can inform and train staff of other offices of MRD and PDRDs. This will include drafting the safeguards monitoring checklists, reports outline and data collection requirements for these reports, Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) templates (GRM form, grievance log, reporting, processing etc.);
    (iv) undertake environmental training for the MRD/SEO staff and Contractors to build their capacity on environmental management and monitoring. The training will be implemented through workshops and on the job training. A training workshop on ADB safeguards, provisions of the EMP and GRM will be provided before works
    start and at intervals, as needed.
    (v) as required in the EMP, monitor implementation of environmental mitigation measures and environmental performance of contractors and effective implementation of the GRM and assist MRD in the preparation of semi-annual environmental monitoring reports for submission to ADB. The monitoring reports shall describe the progress of implementation of each environmental mitigation measure specified in the EMP, compliance issues, and corrective actions and updates on the GRM.
    Structural Engineer
        There are a number of bridges on the roads that are to be improved. Some are of timber construction and others are very narrow or deteriorated. These will be replaced with wider bridges with 8m. The structural engineer will be a civil engineer with professional engineer license 9 
        Minimum BSc. degree with 10 years experience. 
        He or she should have experience, as the structural engineer, in road rehabilitation projects with a capacity building output/s, and with extensive experience in Cambodia or countries within similar geographical areas in the region.
    Material Engineer
        The civil works comprise the improvement of existing earth or gravel surfaced roads to a bitumen sealed standard using a DBST, including placement as necessary of sub-base and road base, using unbound materials for the road pavement. It is expected that applying stabilization techniques will reuse the existing road structure including the remaining gravel-wearing course.
        The works do not permit widening of the existing road structure. The works also involves replacement or repair of existing cross drainage and the placement of some new culverts. It also involves repair replacement of small bridges at existing locations.
        The materials engineer will be fully experienced in the materials and process involved for the improvement of the project roads including the use of unbound (aggregate and natural materials) and hydraulically bound pavement materials and the use of bituminous surface treatments.
        The Materials Engineer will also be fully experienced with materials selection and processing for cross drainage structures, and for bridge works and all other concrete works.
        A Materials Engineer with 15 years experience is required. Experience with materials used for paved roads and structures are essential. He or she should have experience, as the materials engineer, in road rehabilitation projects of DBST paving with a capacity building output/s, and with extensive experience in Cambodia or countries within similar geographical areas in the region. 
        The Materials Engineer will:
        (i) During the detail design stage, review existing information and conduct site visits, select potential materials sources and propose their usage for the detail design.
        (ii) Conduct a suitable laboratory program to test materials as necessary for this stage of the project design, especially for stabilized materials.
        (iii) Establish a testing regime for the construction phase that complies fully with the range of materials that will be used for the project roads.
        (iv) During the construction (intermittently) oversee the use of materials to ensure they meet quality standards required.
        (v) Determine the materials requirements for a cement concrete pavement trial to be located on one of the project roads.
        (vi) Work closely with the national materials engineer to ensure at all times that a suitably competent and experienced materials engineer is on-hand to work with the resident engineers.
        (d) Structural Engineer International, 3 person-months

Highway Design Engineer
    The road design engineer will be a civil engineer with professional engineer license with minimum BSc. degree with 15 years experience. 
    He/she should have experience, as the road design engineer, in road rehabilitation projects of DBST paving with a capacity building output/s, and with extensive experience in Cambodia or countries within similar geographical areas in the region.
    The road design engineers role is to prepare the detailed design of the Project roads under ADB financing. 
    The road design engineer will undertake the following tasks:
    (i) administer and supervise site investigation and design and documentation activities for road improvement civil works contracts.
    (ii) confirm detailed design guidelines and specifications in collaboration with MRD.
    (iii) confirm classified traffic counts and axle loading on the project roads together with an estimate of present and future traffic and axle loading as necessary for designing appropriate pavement structures.
    (iv) carry out necessary topographic surveys for design and documentation works; establish control points, benchmarks and reference beacons as required to prepare detailed engineering designs and to enable construction quantities.
    (v) review the need for road safety measures based on the findings of the road safety output and design the road safety features appropriately.
    (vi) review the need for climate/disaster resilience measures based on the findings of the project climate risk and vulnerability analysis and incorporate in design accordingly;
    (vii) recommend specifications for road construction and apply any modifications that are essential;
    (viii) assist in the preparation of construction schedules showing anticipated progress of works and expenditures for the rehabilitation contract package. The schedules will reflect seasonal weather effects at the work sites;
    (ix) assist the Environmental specialist with the incorporation of EMP measures in detailed design and to mitigate adverse environmental impacts including those encountered during construction;
    (x) prepare practical and cost-effective pavement designs on the basis of condition surveys, projected traffic levels, pavement structure studies, and axle load considerations, as determined from activities above and from any previous studies.
    (xi) ensure deliverables comply with relevant MRD technical requirements, ADB conditions and the terms of the assumptions in the cost benefit analysis; 
    (xii) ensure that the bid documents for road rehabilitation works include specific provisions to avoid and/or minimize resettlement and disruption and/or damage to local settlements due to construction
    (xiii) prepare contract drawings for the road works; including road plans, longitudinal profiles, cross-sections, and others for rehabilitation works. Road plans should include all existing features.
    (xiv) assist with the preparation of road improvement bid documents.
    (xv) assist with preparation of tender documentation suitable for procurement in accordance with ADB's Procurement Guidelines.
    (xvi) assist with the appraisal of road improvement bids as part of the bid evaluation process.
    (xvii) assist with the evaluation of the capacity of road improvement contractors.
    (xviii) assist with on-the-job training to engineers appointed to the PMUs and project implementation units

Interested candidates may forward their updated resumes to Mr. Nishi Kant Mishra on hr@choiceindia.com

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