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    1. Participate in sprint planning, standups, UAT testing and QA reviews.
    2. Monitor the App & website users journey very closely on daily bases.
    3. responsible for change management across Ecommerce team.
    4. Help to scope, plan and execute various tasks, including coordination of assets and timing.
    5. Help analyze data, evaluate features and understand user needs and pain points.
    6. Review customer feedback, conduct surveys and user testing to capture feedback and communicate findings clearly and constructively with the team.
    7. Monitor KPIs and help generate regular reports to communicate the full product progress and success.
    8. Facilitate stakeholder collab meetings, approvals and release planning.
    9. Analyze test and site data to identify key customer pain points and opportunities for refinement, new solutions, and growth
    10. Develop customer-first oriented growth strategies and serves as a customer champion
    11. Oversee and develop Product Manager and UX/UI Designer

1. Ability to work in a fast paced, time-sensitive environment
2. Have at least 5+ years developing and optimizing the customer experience for a multi-channel retailer
3. 4-5 years of e-commerce experience performing business analysis, functional requirements analysis, and product roadmap planning. 
4. Understand user experience or Design Thinking
5. Google Analytics experience
6. Experience in both agile and waterfall development methods
7. Experience managing a product backlog. 
8. Strong experience in other analytics tools such as firebase, mixapnel etc.
9. Experience in payment gateways
10. Awareness of APIs and integration technologies will be proffered.


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