Position / Domain - Embedded Firmware Engineer for South Korea

    Skill Sets :

    - Low level device driver & firmware development in Embedded C (& Assembly) language, debugging & troubleshooting of embedded products.

    - Proficient in using pointers & data structures in C language.

    - Proficient in reading & understanding board schematics, pin maps, user manuals, datasheets of MCUs & board peripheral chips to extract relevant information to write device drivers. Familiar with common board level circuits & interfaces.

    - Good understanding of 8051 & ARM Cortex architecture based microcontrollers, HAL/CMSIS based firmware coding, register map, memory architecture and bus controllers. Should be able to write & debug initialization routines & register level code for bus controllers/internal peripherals and board peripherals.

    - Experienced in electrical characterization of products & documentation skills to write their datasheets & user manuals using MS-Word, MS-Excel & MS-Power Point.

    Soft Skills : Good ability to communicate technical concepts & can understand the meaning of un-clear/in-correct English spoken in different/non-native English accents. Self-motivated, positive attitude, open minded & patient to deal with unclear goals, priorities & lack of motivation. 

    - Mature enough to ignore emotionally isolated feelings, cultural differences, misunderstandings, which may have arisen mostly due to lack of proficiency in English, exposure/understanding of other nations' culture, beliefs & ethnic diversity. So, a person who lived & worked in multiple places away from his home state or country is more likely to adapt with such changes.

    Job description :

    - Project details - Sensor Product Development

    - Roles in the project Read & understand board schematics, MCU & peripheral manuals & datasheets to write/modify, simulate & debug low level device drivers.

    - Work may include integration of product section or whole firmware.

    - Embedded product testing, data acquisition, measurements, calibration, assisting in technical documentation and assisting hardware team in day to day activities.

    - Work may include more responsibilities as per project schedules & candidates' performance.

    - Mandatory experiences Min. 3 years of hands on relevant experience (overall experience should not be more than 6 years) in development of low level Device Drivers for MCU (8-bit & 32-bit, 8051 & ARM Cortex based) on-chip bus controllers like GPIOs, I2C, SPI, UARTs, Timers, PWM, ADC, DAC,...etc, firmware and debugging using debuggers (ST-Link/U-Link/J-Link/SiLab), logic analyzers, serial terminals, oscilloscope...etc.

    Skill Set :

    - Keil uVision 4/5 and Silicon Labs- Simplicity Studio or IDEs for Embedded Firmware development are also fine.

    - In-depth understanding of basic embedded protocols like I2C, SPI, UART, MODBUS, CAN (person must be able to write, debug & troubleshoot at protocol level transactions using logic analyzers independently).

    - Experience in migration of low level drivers from one MCU series to other, to ensure driver layer compatibility with higher layers of firmware and product test to compare performance of old & latest firmware.

    - Good understanding of RTOS/OS concepts & practically usable work experience, utilizing such knowledge while developing firmware for at least one medium to complex embedded product (having more than 10 tasks). Preferably Keil RTX.

    - Good to have experience with network libraries (preferably MDK-ARM) have done significant work using Ethernet, TCP/UDP, HTTP/Webserver, SMTP, DNS- etc. (Secondary Requirement, this alone is not sufficient).

    (Linux/Raspberry experience is not required.)

    - Preferred experiences One or more of following additional experience would be a plus, but, not mandatory.

    - Practical experience in development of Sensor-less BLDC motor product firmware.

    - Practical experience in test/demo software development using C++ / C# .Net / Python / NI LabVIEW.

    - Good understanding of common board level circuits, components, digital circuits, basic digital design.

    - FPGA based digital design, simulation & synthesis experience, optimization of digital design using Boolean algebra & design techniques.

    - Clear understanding of generic analog & digital signal processing, analog signal measurements using oscilloscope & their data acquisition for test & calibration of sensor products, intuitive knowledge/understanding of key performance parameter in transistor and opamp based circuits which affects circuit behavior, SNR, peak to peak and their variations under different environmental conditions.

    - Good experience in developing firmware with ADC & DAC.

    - Good experience in any generic digital processing algorithm, especially, with tight data capture timing (over I2C/SPI bus from sensor) & sampling rate constraints.

    - International project experience (above 6 months), especially in Korea &/or Japan are preferred over purely domestic experience or worked in multiple states away from home state
    Qualification :

    - Degree / Experiences -. B.E/B.Tech in Electronics/ Microelectronics/ Industrial Electronics Engineering + Professional course/ training /PG in Embedded Systems (preferably from a reputed practical training institute).

    - Min. 3 years of continuous hands on relevant experience (overall experience should not be more than 6 years) in development & modification of low level Device Drivers for MCU (8-bit & 32-bit, 8051 & ARM Cortex based) from the scratch (without using libraries), preferably in an embedded product development company. Well versed in using CMSIS/HAL abstraction layers.

    - (Certificates/degrees are basic eligibility criteria to apply, but, may not be sufficient to perform hands on practical work in company. So, eligible candidates are advised to only focus on realistic experience, as they have to demonstrate it in probation period, which will provide ground for continuing their job contract. And, avoid emphasizing skills/experience in which they don't have practical experience/has little knowledge.)

    (If there is more than 6 months gap in employment history, then, it is required, for candidate to have min. 3 years of continuous relevant experience preceding to the month of job application.)

    Employment conditions

    - Salary scale (Monthly) US$ 2,000 - 2,500
    - Accommodations Free House with Equipment
    -. one room studio type accommodation, management fee free
    - Family support -. No, Single joining required
    - Foods Lunch in Company Cafeteria during working days
    - Working hours 8 hours a day (09:00-18:00)
    - Working days 5 days a week
    - Over time payment No
    - Holidays National holidays
    - 15 days formal holidays from second year
    - Fringe Benefit etc. Free round way Air Ticket (First time entry & final exit after completion of job tenure )

    Introduction of the company

    - Brief introduction Established in 2010
    - Employee number 15
    - Main product - NDIR gas sensors and HVAC controller
    - Optical applied products: Pyroelectric, Photoelectric sensors, Color Mark sensor

Email: Jobs@alloysconsulting.com

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