Designation: Construction (Chemical) Production Supervisor

    Job Purpose: 

    Responsible for directing, organizing, and overseeing the blending of construction products. Ensures that all formulation and blending functions are completed in accordance with established quality and production standards. 
    Completes related paperwork and support duties. 
    Communicates with purchasing and inventory to ensure that supplies and inventory are at appropriate levels. 
    Sets up machinery and ensures that machinery operates properly. 
    Assists with other production activities as needed. 
    Assists in evaluating production employees. 
    Completes the duties of Blending Specialists as needed.

    Roles and responsibilities:

    1. Responsibility for organizing, directing, and overseeing the correct and timely completion of formulation and blending production functions. 
    Organizes, schedules, and prioritizes formulation and blending production functions. 
    Sets up equipment for the line. Ensures that equipment is operating properly and is properly maintained. Assists Blending Specialists with equipment operation as required.
    Oversees all foam production processes. Ensures that processes are being completed according to Company standards and specifications. 
    Completes related paperwork, reports, and support functions. Monitors inventory for each job to ensure appropriate levels. Requisitions new materials as appropriate. 
    Maintains the production schedule provided by the Production Manager. Informs management of any significant problems, issues or concerns.
    2. Responsibility for ensuring that production functions are conducted in accordance with Company policies and procedures. 
    Ensures that established production procedures and instructions are followed.
    Ensures quality and safety standards are met. 
    Ensures that deadlines are met.
    Ensures that work area is clean, secure, and well maintained. 
    Reviews and updates production policies and procedures regularly. 
    3. Responsibility for establishing and maintaining good communication, coordination, and working relations with Company personnel and with management. 
    Assists, directs, and supports production personnel as needed. Assists in evaluating the progress and performance of Blending Specialists. Provides suggestions for improved performances. Performs the duties of Blending Specialists as needed. 
    Keeps the Manager informed of area activities and of any significant concerns. Identifies problems and provides suggestions.
    Attends meetings as required. 
    Coordinates assembly line production with other related production functions. 

    4. Responsibility for related duties as required or assigned. 
    Ensures that work area is clean, secure, and well maintained.
    Completes and updates production and inventory records as assigned. 
    Completes special projects as assigned. 

    Preferred Qualifications:

    Diploma or Above

    Preferred Experience: 
    At-least 3 years of Construction Production (or related) supervisory experience
    Understanding of production standards and procedures thorough knowledge of formulating, testing, and inspecting all types of chemical products
    Company accommodation

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Mr. Palaniappan

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