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- Bachelors or Master's degree in research, social science or business studies, with proven affinity of social awareness. 
- Experience with reviewing current development programmes and identifying areas for improvement; 
- Experience working in fragile context with expertise of different approaches as (DRR/CBDRM, Conflict transformation, Peace-Building etc) 
- Several years of experience in conducting large survey / fieldwork (data collection, validation, entry and analysis), leading field staff teams implementing surveys in the field; 
- Strong affinity with and preferably expertise in resilience issues in developing countries; 
- Ability to communicate with different stakeholders on different levels within organisations 
- Knowledge on resilience and risk management in developing countries is required as a core skill; 
- Know-how of participatory assessment / development approaches is required; 
- General software knowledge (e.g. Microsoft Office), and knowledge of statistical packages such as Excel, SPSS or STATA. 

5 years experience

Desirable : Previous experience of living or working in Pakistan or South Asia

    The purpose of this role is to strengthen understanding of the concept of resilience across VSO Pakistan programme areas through participated action planning which will be the basis of resilient programming approaches. You will conduct a national/ district level risk analysis and work with national volunteers and partners to undertake participatory risk analysis to community level to complement the macro-risk information

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