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It has been pursuing sustainable growth and stability, along with its consistent efforts to achieve the happiness of humanity and a better world, and gained a good reputation for its excellent technologies and construction capability in the various industries, such as power plants, civil infrastructure, architecture, and housing. It will convert from quantitative growth to qualitative growth, and from Global EPC to Global TSP (Total Solution Provider) and will make a leap to accomplish the vision of 'Global Top Tier City Developer & Infrastructure Builder.' It is renowned for its plant business around the world, from feasibility studies to design, procurement, construction, and all cycles to provide customer value as a Total Solution Provider, upgrading the status of the company.In Korea, we contribute to economic growth and industrial development by diversifying our business from electricity, logistics, energy, chemical, and batteries to renewable energy and semiconductors. In the world, we raise the best value while competing with advanced enterprises on even ground, embracing all business areas of the value chain, including oil and gas plants, global plant EPC projects, development projects, and O&M projects

    Construction Engineer Supervisor (Tunnel)

    Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma
    Experience: Should have minimum 5 to 10 years experience in Tunnel Construction
      Construction Supervisor (Tunnel / Grouting)

      Qualification: Diploma
      Experience: Should have minimum 5 to 7 years experience in Tunnel Construction
      Construction Foreman (Tunnel/ Grouting/ Coring/ Con'c)

      Qualification: ITI/Diploma
      Experience: Should have minimum 5 to 7 years experience in Tunnel Construction
    Grouting Engineering Supervisor 
    Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma in Civil
    Experience: Should have Minimum 3+ Years experience in Tunnel/Metro/Subway Project. 
    Hands on experience in Tunnel Grouting/Rock Test/Dilatometer Test/Permeability Test etc. Must know the concept and implementation of Tunnel face Drilling, Tunnel bottom drilling, Explosive Loading & blasting. Must understand concreting & shotcrete Excavation, Concrete Calculation, Concrete casting, levelling and use of instruments

    Geologist (Slope / Tunnel Mapping) 
    Qualification: Diploma/Graduate/Post-Graduate in Geology preferred
    Minimum 5 Year experience (Overseas/Korean firm experience preferred)
    Must have expertise in mapping with 2D/3D
    Conducting investigations in the Geological field
    Micro & Open Trenching and H.D Drilling work, Underground Mapping (1:100 Scale) in Tunnel & Preparation Face Log, Wall Log & 3D Geo-technical
    Identification of Structural defects and risk zone demarcation 
    Must have hands on experience in Grouting Supervision
    Hands on with computer application like MS Office/Excel
    Capable of generating daily progress reports

    Nationality: Indian
    Email Id:

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