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Company Profile: A-1/Aravali Fence is a leading Fence manufacturing and Security solutions company having global presence across India, Middle East and Africa. Established in 1998, we now have installations in over 50 countries. Having consolidated our position in the international markets, we are also pioneers in introducing several new technologies to the Indian market. Apart from its own range of products, through our global collaborations we bring the best in the perimeter security to our customers.
Having experienced exponential growth in the last few years, we recently went through an organization-wide self-discovery, identifying our core ideology and framing a bold shared vision for 2025. We have since embarked on a transformational journey towards our vision.
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Career Development at A-1 Fence: We offer our members wide-ranging career opportunities. Apart from vertical growth in a fast growing company, employees also get opportunities to explore themselves and construct careers through lateral movement across functions and locations. Given A-1 Fence's international operations and market presence, employees benefit from global exposure and unique learning experience.
Culture at A-1 Fence: A-1 Fence prides itself in providing its members a platform to express themselves. It's a culture which encourages openness, transparency, free expression of thought, innovative ideas and most importantly - joy of creating something worthwhile. There is an overwhelming emphasis on "are we enjoying what we are doing?". A-1 Fence pushes its members to strive for work-life balance, and if you have a passion, it goes out of its way to support it and encourages you to pursue it further.
For more on A-1 Fence's culture, watch our short film by clicking on this link... Life@A1 Fence

5+ years experience
    1. To meet new and existing customers to generate new inquiries.
    2. Web Research, MEED lead generation 
    3. Customer Mapping: Identify opportunities to sell a product/services best suited to needs of clients, identify key decision makers & maintain client contact data.
    4. Enquiry management 
    5. Follow-up on quotations
    6. Order negotiations and closures
    7. Internal & external communication during order execution 
    8. Follow-up for timely payment collection
    9. MIS: Preparing Timely Reports

    Knowledge required:
    1. Sales processes in Project Sales environment.
    2. Ability to absorb product knowledge and product application knowledge
    3. Local culture and language (Fluent in Arabic Speaking)
    4. Market and competitive intelligence
    5. Ability to effectively use IT platforms like ERP & CRM

    Note: UAE driving licence is a must.

    Florence Nair

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