A civil foreman manages workers, motivating them to complete projects on schedule. 
    The foreman ensures that the crew complies with site rules and regulations while monitoring their work quality.
    Foremen also collaborate with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure all aspects of the project proceed as planned. 
    Civil foremen read blueprints and construction plans, maintain equipment and manage paperwork. 
    They may also work on the project site alongside the crew.
    4+ years experience
    Salary: 4,500 - 5,500 QAR + Sim Card + private medical insurance, free accommodation & free transportation are provided by the company. A catering service that serves breakfast, lunch & dinner plus laundry are also available in the company's accommodation
      Recruiter Name:Yogendra
      Email Address:karinabondwell@gmail.com / arshadbondwell@gmail.com

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