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Khan Constructions Company initiated Construction Operations way back in 2003. KCC is a multi-functional and multi-faceted Afghan based construction company and has a great deal of experience in various construction fields as well as the installations of gigantic electric and heating and cooling (HVAC) systems with professional accuracy and satisfactory services. 
KCC is a professional Construction firm with a substantial amount of experience and a galaxy of experienced and versatile technical personnel.
KCC is the authorized distributer of KONE Elevators in Afghanistan

    Elevator installer or Technician typically do the following:
    Install all elevator components.
    Test and Commissioning of the Elevators
    Tests and Inspections during Installation
    Functional Performance Tests
    Commissioning and Statutory Inspections
    Documentation and Deliverable
    Lift Installation
    License: Certified Elevator Technician (CET) and NEIEP card or any equivalent Certificate (Required)
    5+ years experience

Recruiter Name:Hamed
Company:Khan Construction Company
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