General information about the company: This Company was established in the year 1998 as small trading firm and has grown to a medium sized company with now annual turn over reaching rs 100 crores. This company is fully owned by an individual named Mr. Nitin Shah. A Gujarati Jain born in India. this is family based company and all the employees work as team and like family members close to the owner. The company has a policy to give complete freedom to all the employees to work to their best of their abilities and explore their talents. 
The company gives more focus on marketing and team building as the main activity of the company is to do sales of the products imported. All the sourcing of the goods is handled by the owner but the rest of the functions are handled by staff namely, warehousing, deliveries, booking orders handling wholesale outlet owned by the company, banking, accounting, correspondence, product development

    Company Name: UKWALA Bargains Ltd.

    Nature of business : Trading i.e. importation of general merchandise from countries like China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Turkey. And distribution to all the supermarkets in Kenya.

    Turnover : Rs. 100 crores annually 
    Country : Kenya 
    City : Nairobi 
    Company established in: 1998 
    Internal Auditor :   No. of Vacancies - 1

    CA inter. To strengthen and build the internal control system, finding the loopholes, curb the leakage of revenue and inventory and stock audit and stock management.

    Sales Executive : No. of Vacancies - 2

    Generally go out on the field to visit supermarkets to bring in orders. Also there is opening to work in the wholesale shop as shop assistant. We look for the young and dynamic persons with skills to develop the market for the existing and newly launched products. He should have excellent negotiation skills and convincing power. 

    Store Keeper : No. of Vacancies - 2

    Experience: 0 - 5 years (for all positions)

    Recruiter Name:Kalpeshkumar Ratilal Shah
    Email ,

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