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Position: HVAC Commissioning Technician

    To carry out pre-commissioning verification and commissioning activities of HVAC Automation Systems
    Responsible for pre-commissioning and commissioning activities of HVAC Automation System
    Experience in installation, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning & operation on oil field of large size heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems comprising of chillers, HVAC equipments, cooling towers, piping and building management system, etc.
    To support commissioning of HVAC equipment like Screw/reciprocating Air cooled liquid chillers, Cooling towers, AHUs, VAV's, Package/central splits, FCU, chemical dosing pump & Ozone Generators etc.
    To carry out chilled water system commissioning & balancing using flow meter chilled water piping flushing procedure & chilled water chemical treatment.
    To perform commissioning of BMS & HVAC electrical Control systems. Air distribution systems commissioning & Air balancing using micro manometer & Pitot tube etc.
    Coordinates with team leader and customer to precisely understand the commissioning requirements for all on-site installation
    Responsible to maintain all relevant records pertaining to pre-commissioning and commissioning and also ensure that the activities are carried out in accordance with relevant industry standards.
    Perform commissioning reviews of HVAC, controls and electrical plans and specifications
    Under general supervision, conduct preventive maintenance, repair and general servicing of HVAC (including detailed troubleshooting of system)
    Perform submittals reviews and prepare commissioning test forms and equipment checklists
    Perform together with HVAC Engineers and Vendors field inspections, equipment start-ups, test and balance activities, and functional performance tests
    Prepare daily commissioning reports and maintain commissioning issues lists
    Prepare and open Permit To Work (PTW) as per commissioning schedule and Client, Vendor requests
    Manages assigned work to meet HSE requirements, professional execution of time and customer satisfaction.

    Skills Requirement;
    Technical degree and equivalent work experience.
    At least 5 years experience in operations/mechanical/electrical or I&C commissioning.
    Minimum 2 years in commissioning experience in HVAC Equipments.
    New construction commissioning including LEED required
    Strong HVAC and/or mechanical backup
    Good communication and relationship building skills.
    Ability to execute a detailed and integrated Start-up process and plan
    Salary: USD 15/hour (11 hrs duty/mon-sat , Friday -5 hrs) Food, accommodation & transportation provided
      Email Address: ruhi@protech.co.in

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