It is not easy being the face of an organization as everyone tends to judge the organization by what the face can do! Having said that, the first point of contact in any organization is the most important person! A receptionist at a beauty salon & Fashion for instance, comes in contact with many people in a day and it is up to her to make sure that they convert into business -giving customers. Beauty salon & Fashion receptionists greet customers, provide them with service information and hook them up with stylists within the salon.

    Responsibilities and Duties:-

    Greet customers arriving at the salon and provide them with the information regarding salon services

    Answer any service related questions

    Determine customers need for salon services by figuring out their problem areas such as skin and hair issues

    Ensure that customers are handed over to the correct hair or hair expert within the salon

    Answer telephone calls and provide information to callers

    Schedule appointments and make follow up calls to customers to remind them of their appointments

    Handle appointment cancellation and shifting duties

    Ask customers for feedback on salons services and provide assistance with problems or complaints

    Endorse retail products that the salon is selling by providing information of benefits

    Print out staff rosters and assist salon manager in determining stylist commissions

    Ensure cleanliness, neatness and sanitization of salon and equipment

    Create and maintain contact with suppliers to ensure that salon supplies are procured in a time efficient manner

    Fill in for absent staff members during high volume times
    Nail Technician
        Nail care technicians build their business on referrals and the clients they serve come back time and again, because of their professionalism, cleanliness, and attention to detail. Developing strong customer relationships is at the heart of any nail care specialists business, and customer retention is the key to their survival.

        Responsibilities and Duties:-

        Provide individualized nail services and treatments to clients, including manicures and pedicures .
        Removing nail polish

        Exfoliating and removing rough skin from the hands and feet Cleaning and trimming nails
        Offer nail care treatment tips (e.g. how to strengthen nails and how to make manicures last longer)

        Promoting and selling nail and skincare products

        Interacting with other members of the salon as to provide a seamless customer experience
        Adhering to the highest standards of sanitation, which includes cleaning and sanitizing tools and equipment
        Recording and updating client records

        Marketing and working to build their business

        Enjoy a team environment and frequent interaction with their co-workers Be customer-service oriented and friendly
        Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills Be organized and tidy
        Be able to multi-task

        Be flexible and cooperative
        3+ years experience
          Recruiter Name:SULTAN RUHANI
          Telephone:+91 -22-22181266

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