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MeTL is a fastest growing leading industrial and business house in Tanzania. We are into Agriculture farms of Tea, Sisal, Cotton etc, Exports and Imports of bulk commodities, Manufacturing - in Textile, Edible Oil, Soaps, Wheat & Maize Flour Beverage, Bicycle, Sweeten Suger etc. Supply chain management, Transportation, Marketing Division with chain of 30 branches across Tanzania. We have largest employee strength in private sector in Tanzania with multinational workforce from Europe, Asia and parts of Africa . To meet with our existing and future business requirements we are looking for competent professionals in specialized areas as per the description herein.

Position: Export Sales and Marketing Manager 
    1. Administer all sales activities for all export products of organization and ensure achievement of all export sales target and analyze all company objectives and negotiate on prices to achieve same and maintain knowledge on all competitor activities.

    2. Maintain all company distributors for all assign territories and perform regular visits to all sites and provide required training to all staff and forecast all sales volume for various projects and maintain knowledge on all product range.

    3. Assist to prepare territory budgets and recommend appropriate distributors for all assigned region and design all organization projects and facilitate in sales for same.

    4. Develop all objectives and goals for market sales and net revenue for all export activities and implement all new product launches to achieve all sales objectives and administer all merchandise for group brands.

    5. Design all required marketing and sales program for assign territory and maintain knowledge on all competitor products and participate in various exhibitions and seminars and perform tests on all new products and provide training to staff to achieve all goals.

    6. Analyze all market intelligence reports and identify all new business opportunities to expand business and maintain an efficient portfolio for same.

    7. Develop and maintain professional relationships with all clients and supervise achievement of all sales targets for all assign areas and analyze all customer requirements to prepare appropriate sales strategies for same.

    8. Design budget for all expenditures and plan all trade shows as per customer specifications and prepare strategies for all customers to facilitate distribution for same.

    9. Prepare all contracts with suppliers and distributors in accordance with all state and federal regulations and evaluate all reports as submitted by sales staff and recommend changes if required and prepare reports for all profitability.

    10. Provide training to all staff members and evaluate all sales and service programs and maintain effective relationships with all customers to establish appropriate product requirements.

    11.Maintain professional relationships with all customers and distributors and ensure satisfaction of consumers with all company products and services.
    Ideal candidate must have the following:
    1. Overseas sales background
    2. Good experience in product distribution in various countries, establishing dealers network, establishing good sales network country wise, estimating market potential and customer needs.
    3. Sound experience of calculating product costing and product pricing based on each country market, preparing forecast reports, budget, annual sales reports/monthly/weekly visit reports with customer potential details.
    4.  Five years experience in Beverage sales.
    5. Knowledge of export procedures, exposure in East Africa and neighboring countries.
    6. Good communication skills with dealers/customers 

    7+ years experience

Avinash Saxena

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