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    Main Tasks:
    Indentify and erect different system scaffolds and towers
    Check requirement from drawing s and written instructions, select materials and set ground levels.
    Fit together steel pipes, support branches and clamps to form traces for scaffolds.
    With overseas experience is required.
    Familiar with all hazard and safety precautions of the scaffolding trade.
    With 2 years full training in a Technical Institute.
    Completion of Secondary Education (over all 12 years education)
    Age required: minimum 30 yrs old and less than 40 yrs old.
    Lift and position sections of scaffolding and bolts pipes together to build up scaffolds.
    Places planks over horizontal bars create work platforms.
    Install ladders on erected scaffolding for safe access to work platform
    Check levels in scaffolding structures
    Use prefabricated scaffolding for lower heights
    Select and use platform materials
    Dismantle scaffolding at the completion of the job.
    Familiar with HSE and OHS Regulations and identifies CSA Standards
    5+ years experience

Recruiter Name:Yogendra
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