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Siri AB is a Swedish consulting company offering IT Consulting and Product Development services since 2011 with head office in Malm, Sweden and branch offices in Gothenburg, Sweden and Hyderabad, India.
We have expertise in the fields of Automotive, Telecom, IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data / Data Analytics and Gaming. Some of our major customers are Swedish Automotive OEMs and Telecom OEMs

    Title: Android Framework & Linux C++ - Senior Developer/Technical Architect

    Job description: 

    As an infotainment head unit Android Test framework developer/Architect, you will be highly involved in creating and supporting the developers who develop verification test framework for our next generation infotainment software platform and functionality. You need to have good collaboration (Technical coordination) skills, as you will be working together with different stakeholders to validate the software platform. You will have the responsibility of planning and implementing the testing strategy and help developers who build a test framework.

    Main responsibilities:
    Work as a member of the Configuration management/DevOps team
    Support the developers who develop Software test framework deployed to multiple development teams (around 100 developers)
    Technical consultation for the developers who finds problems while developing test framework software used by development teams
    Usage of Java, C++, scripting languages and the Android toolset for various testing and test automation
    Develop test suites using multiple frameworks used in the CI system for Android Platform development.
    Coach agile teams with end-to-end responsibility including design, implementation and automated test cases across multiple teams and departments/companies
    Be part of the Software Architectural Teams

    Requirements - Must list (short, and really must, no order):
    1. At least 7+ years of experience in software development 
    2. Strong experience in Embedded software development Linux & CPP
    3. Knowledge of Object-oriented design / Design patterns
    4. Android Framework development Experience (NOT Android application development)
    5. Fluent in English (written and spoken)

    Requirements - Good to have list, strictly sorted in falling prio order
    1. Experience or knowledge in Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)
    2. Experience from Automotive infotainment
    3. Git and Gerrit knowledge
    4. Masters in Engineering
    5. Drivers license (B-level)

    Soft skills required:
    1. A strive for future development and challenges. Shall enjoy the technical coordination and problem fixing.
    2. Driven and self-motivated as the optimal architecture is a compromise taking both our future roadmap and user experiences into consideration
    3. Communicative and a great team player, you need to explain your ideas about the software architecture and be responsive to your colleagues challenges and ideas as well as bridging between management and technical staff
    4. Willing to take up the task that is most important for the team to progress
    5. Willing to coach both junior and senior developer in validation and testing

    Requirements - Specific client preference info, if any (additional textual hints):
    This role is the technical coordinator role. But Candidate must be having good coding experience and can program it as an when needed. Client doesn't want just project or coordinators. They want technical people.

    Job Location: Gothenburg, Sweden. 

    Assignment duration: Long-term (Minimum 2 years)

Recruiter Name:Aneef

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