7-10 years of experiences 

    Participates in the development of the strategic goals of the company, the longer the plans and objectives for the management of information technology, according to the company's strategic plans, and ensure compliance with the objectives specified.
    Ensure the preparation of budgets for the departments belong to him and directs all activities of administration within the framework of the approved budget and watching the verse deviations.
    Defines the general framework for the planning and implementation of projects in accordance with the requirements of the work the various departments , and organize workshops to study the proposed projects and the possibility of its application , and supervised the preparation of operational plans and budgets for projects approved and follow the implementation, and review the periodic reports which reflect the achievements against the plan 
    Following the activation of the new software and applications relevant departments in accordance with the specific operating instructions, and make sure to use the necessary preparation guides, and following the training of personnel to enter data and extract reports, and ensure the efficiency of programs and applications to meet the needs of departments to raise efficiency.
    Put policies and controls for the protection and security of information and defining the powers of the users and the circulation of information between the departments of the company and ensure its implementation and monitoring any irregularities, and make sure to save and update all the information in the database, and oversees the development and implementation of a contingency plan to ensure continuity of the flow of information
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    Mobile: +91 9703061816 
    Email: nazir@soundlinesconsultancy.com 

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