Its a leading agri-business operating from seed to shelf in 66 countries, supplying food and industrial raw materials to over 22,000 customers worldwide. They grow, source, process, manufacture, transport, trade and market 47 different agri-products
    Urgently looking for a Head - Procurement with min 15+ yrs of relevant Raw material buying, Alternate Raw material sourcing, Import raw material & raw material processing experience to work with a MNC

    The Procurement Head will:
    Be responsible for all Raw Material (RM) buying, including Core RM (Corn &Soy), Alternative RM (BDG, GNC, Rice bran, PKC, Bone meal etc.) and Imports (Animal-origin meals, Amino acids, Vitamins & Minerals, other additives). 
    Manage the RM primary processing units, incl. 3-4 toll processing units and 3 Brewers Dried Grain (BDG) drying facilities. 
    Manage the Soybean Seed production and sales to expand local soy supplies. 
    Work closely with the Animal Feed& Fish Feed Profit Centre Heads, Head- Nutrition and Plant Managers in developing and executing plans for efficient buying, storage and working capital utilization
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