*Design and Develop the process of Electronical Systems of Railways
    *Take in charge Manufacturing and followup of prototype series

    Job Description: 

    Participate to the design and development process of our electronical systems, for the railway signaling
    Take in charge the manufacturing and follow up of prototypes and series units
    manage and follow up the equipment and delivered components, installed at customers side
    test and validate the equipment and systems in lab and on the field
    Actively participate to R&D recurrent brainstorming and be part of some R&D projects.
    Interact sometimes with the front line teams as well, as to keep a close understanding of our markets needs.

    Preferred Qualifications


    Analog and digital electronics
    Design and prototyping of printed circuit boards (PCB) (Altium Designer or Eagle)
    CPU/Microcontroller programming in C (ATMEL AVR, ARM)


    RF analog electronics
    VHDL design for CPLD/FPGA
    Whether you have very little experience, but solid references during your internships. Or you have closer to 5 years experience. What will always make the difference is the motivation you can demonstrate.

    Candidate should have valid passport

    Recruiter Name:Shubha
    Email Address:shubha.delighthr@gmail.com , shubha@delighthr.com

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