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With a history evident of itself for more than 35 Years, Century Mechanical Systems Group (CMS) is one of the UAE's leading manufacturer, distributor and solution provider of HVAC Industry products. We aim to set the standard of engineering excellence by providing the most comprehensive range of innovative and reliable products, precisely tailored to meet our customer requirements.

    Ensure that all communications to Customers, suppliers and other contacts are done professionally as the company's brand ambassador
    Coordinate with production team the specific requirement of Customer along with required markings the packaging instructions
    Coordinate pick-up or delivery of the items from the factory to the agents of clients
    Ensure knowledge gap between members are bridged through timely and effective sharing of new procedures, guidelines and general information that are required to perform work effectively
    Ensure payments from Customers are updated on system and acknowledgement given to Customers
    NETWORK WITH SUPPLIERS: Consider external suppliers / outsource HVAC items from the market that is not within the factorys range of products
    PRICING & NEGOTIATION: Based on Customer requests, coordinate prices from suppliers and send quotations 
    Ensure to receive the most cost effective freight rates from forwarders for items to be shipped directly to the clients
    Ensure that prices are within the standard margins given to Customer and that previous prices are kept for future use and reference
    DATABASE UPDATE: Maintain and update the systems and database for all CMS Customers, suppliers and all items sold to clients
    Ensure all confirmed orders from Customers are updated on the system timely and correctly
    Ensure all transactions with the suppliers are updated on the systems timely and correctly

5+ years experience

Recruiter Name:Manazhy Jayaraj

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