Island Resort located 4 km off the northeast coast of Mahe in the Seychelles

  • To navigate the boat to/from the destinations stated in the boat schedule provided, while primarily considering maritime laws, passenger and boat safety. 
  • To maintain the boat and its systems in seaworthy condition. 
  • To carryout daily reporting, making sure the boat is handled correctly by other skippers & boat boys. 
  • To report & record any incidents related to the boats. 
  • Light maintenance of boat and engines (according to knowledge and skills). 
  • Monitor cleanliness of boat and engines. 
  • Keep the daily Fueling/ refueling records. 
  • Safe transport of guests, staff and goods, by maintaining a proper speed according to the sea conditions. 
  • Assisting guest with luggage from car to boat and vice versa and helping embarking /disembarking 
  • Guided tours with guests for snorkeling, tours and sunset cruises 

  • To assist the driver with goods from car to boat and loading the boat. 
  • To ensure that boat is always fitted with cushions and towels. 
  • To report for duty on time as instructed by working rota, with uniform, clean and tidy 
  • To, at all times, behave in a polite and courteous manner towards hotel guests and colleagues. 
  • To take proper care and attention for any equipment under your charge and to use such equipment correctly. 
  • Take accountability of the boat equipments, life jackets and other items required by Maritime regulations, are present on boat at all times and keep update of usage, breakage or lost. 
  • To report to the General Manager any technical issue regarding the boat, staff or anything else related to the boat transport including performances, behavior and work attendance of the boat boy.

2+ years experience

Recruiter Name:Komal Srivastava

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