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    Position: Shift Engineer

    Working hours 10 hours including 2 hours OT (Salaries are for 10 hours)

    Air ticket and paid leave every 2 years 

    Medical Insurance as per Djibouti Law

    Accommodation On sharing basis provided by company

    Food Provided during working days

    Salary :- 1000 to 1200 USD


    1 Maintenance and Operation of the Roughing mill with 12 continuous stand.
    2 Knowledge of Straight mill with capacity of 25 MT per hour.
    3 Able to set, repair, maintain  the guide boxes and chutes. 
    4 Able to set the mill at appropriate speed to maintain correct physical properties of the TMT bar.
    5 Control the entire workforce in the capacity of team lead.
    6 Maintain the miss rolls under 1% and achieve the targets with yield of 97%.
    7 Maintain very high level of housekeeping and safety standards within and outside the plant.
    8 Liasoning with Procurement and stores to maintain correct inventory of spares and consumables.
    9 Maintain proper maintenance check list for the entire machine including cranes.
    10 Ensure PPE compliance at 100% rate in the shift.
    11 Record and report shift performance for the entire plant.
    12 Maintain the quality parameters with in the standards.
    13 Timely communicate and maintain spares for the machines


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