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    • Maintain the Laboratorys Quality System 
    • Update, revise, and maintain the Laboratorys Quality Assurance Manual, Standard Operating
    • Procedures, and other quality documents.
    • Perform internal audits of the Laboratory, including both technical and quality systems audits.
    • Perform and document corrective action, including follow-up monitoring to gauge the effectiveness of the corrective action.
    • Perform analytical tests in the laboratory.
    • Perform analytical tests in the laboratory as assigned by the Laboratory 
    • Manager and immediately report any problems with tests, equipment or results to the Laboratory Manager.
    • Follow all Quality Assurance/Quality Control procedures as outlined in the ANRA Laboratory
    • Assist with laboratory administrative duties.
    • Perform laboratory administrative duties by receiving samples from customers as needed,
    • calculating and recording analytical results in the appropriate log book, data entry in the LIMS.
    • completing drinking water reports, maintaining chemical/equipment traceability records,
    • documenting QA/QC requirements and generating control charts.

    • Assist Laboratory Manager with administrative duties as necessary including but not limited to the following:
    • QAO- 1
    • S Generating and/or reviewing analytical reports
    • S Ordering lab supplies as needed
    • S Contacting lab customers
    • S Monitoring turn-around times
    • D. Maintain smooth laboratory work flow.
    • Perform the following routine laboratory duties:
    • S Keep lab work areas clean and organized
    • S Perform routine repairs and maintenance of lab equipment
    • S Monitor the status of laboratory supplies
    • S Maintain weekly schedules and report any changes to the Lab Manager
    • E. Obtain laboratory certifications and complete QA/QC assignments.

    • Maintain the quality assurance of the laboratory by:
    • S Performing all QA/QC procedures for analytical tests
    • S Perform sterility testing on containers for environmental sampling
    • S Calibration of pipettes, thermometers, and other measuring equipment
    • Maintain current Demonstrations of Capability for all test procedures in the laboratory for which
    • Quality Assurance oversight will be performed.
    • Maintain training records for all laboratory staff, including Demonstrations of Capability.
    • Schedule and successfully complete semi-annual proficiency testing for all analytes in ANRAs
    • Scope of Accreditation.
    • F. Promote good customer relations with all ANRA clients.

    • Maintain good customer relations at all times, including:
    • S Maintaining a professional appearance
    • S Being polite and courteous to all clients in person and on the telephone
    • S Promoting ANRA laboratory services
    • S Providing appropriate paperwork and containers to customers as needed
    • S Answering customer questions or direct questions to appropriate personnel
    • G. Sample collections and water quality monitoring.
    • Perform duties as assigned within the Environmental Division including but not limited to the following:
    • S Sample collection and pick-up services for laboratory customers
    • S Surface water quality monitoring for basin monitoring programs
    • S Data review and site assessments for water quality investigations
    • S Technical reports for field analyses and water quality assessments
    • S Septic system inspections and permitting (if necessary)

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