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    Planning Engineer
    The Planning Engineer would be responsible to develop most suitable and viable construction and engineering methods for the project. The person expected to estimate time scaled for project and to ensure the outlined deadlines are met. Work with Project Manager to specification documentation compliance, managing team collaboration, and meeting or exceeding the projects foretasted profit goals.

    Job Responsibilities
    Deciding on the most appropriate engineering techniques and sequences of activities for each project stage.
    Drawing plans; using specialized design software packages.
    Ensuring plans meet the clients specifications.
    Making estimations for timescales and costs.
    Supervising the project at all stages and providing solutions to problems.
    Collaborating with site managers, surveyors, engineers, site worker and other professionals. 
    Organizing the transportation of materials.
    Ensuring procedures are carried out safely
    Qualifications / Requirements 
    Experience in general commercial/industrial construction fundamentals.
    Minimum 10 years experience in planning, project management in wide range of hotel & commercial buildings.
    Set up, maintain, distribute and ensure timely document return for all documents that will pertain to the project to ensure procedural and contractual compliance both internally and externally.
    Requires strong interpersonal skills to foster strong relationships with all stakeholders and be skilled at mediating issues.
    Ability to adapt to changing demands and priorities.
    Strong analytical skills in evaluating situations.
    Fluent in English language both read, write and speak. 
    Perform other duties and take on other responsibilities, as needed.
    Quantity Surveyor
      Manage all costs relating to projects. Responsible for initial calculations to the final figures, seek to minimize the costs of a project and enhance value for money, whilst still achieving the required standards and quality

      Job Responsibilities
      Estimate and monitor construction costs, from the feasibility stage of a project through to the completion of the construction period
      Use knowledge of construction methods and costs to advise the owner on the most economical way of achieving his requirements

      • Use techniques such as Cost Planning, Estimating, Cost Analysis, Cost-in-use Studies and Value Management to establish a project budget
      • Prepare early stage budgets and detailed cost plans 
      • Perform risk and value management and cost control
      • In accordance with design and drawings, should prepare a Bill of Quantities, which is issued with the specification. (Study and Review plans drawn up by an architect or engineer and calculate the types and quantities of materials required, and the cost of time and labour)
      • Maintain records of all BOQ, material takeoff that are required from time to time
      • Advise on procurement strategy
      • Maintain records of material utilization
      • Approves material required by field engineering for time to time
      • Prepare and submit monthly progress reports to Project Engineer
      • Prepare and submit progress bills to Project Engineer
      • Communicate and Liaise with owners consultant regarding monthly progress and Interim Bill
      • Maintains records of minutes of meetings
      • Liaise with owners consultant regarding monthly progress and Interim Bill
      • Maintain a filling system of all documents 
      • Coordinates with Quality control and site changes by SI and project management instructions
      • Liaise with Logistics on material inventories on daily basis
      • Forecasts material requirement based on the Program of Work and schedule deliveries to avoid disruption to works

      • Establish lines and grades layout for use in the project by field engineering.
      • Check and ascertain correctness of layouts by field engineering prior commencement of work.
      • Liaise with Quality Control any site changes.
      • Maintain records of all vegetation/environment affected by construction.
      • Assist the Quality Control in daily site inspections.
      • Final layout of island/resort reflect to as-built drawing.
      • Coordinates with CAD Operator regarding site changes.
      • Analyze outcomes and writing detailed progress reports
      • Value completed work and arranging payments

    • Qualifications / Requirements 
      • Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering or Bachelor degree in Quantity Survey
      • Minimum 8- 10 years experience in related field
      • Must be able to work with people and support team work
      • Possess excellent mathematical and accounting skills 
      • Be analytical and organized 
      • Be an outstanding manager and strategic planner 
      • Be computer literate 
      • Have report writing skills 
      • Strong written and verbal communication skills

    • Project Manager

    • The role of the Project Manager is to manage the project independently, planning, execute and finalize projects according to strict deadlines and within the budget as per the guidelines of the General Manager and Project Team. This includes acquiring resources and coordinating the efforts of team members and third-party contractors or consultants in order to deliver projects according to plan. The project Manager will also define the projects objectives and oversee the quality control through its life cycle. 

      Job Responsibilities
      • Direct and manage project development from beginning to end
      • Knowledgeable of construction methods in a wide range of high raise residential and commercial projects predominately $10M range. 
      • Define project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders.
      • Effectively meets and leads regularly scheduled Sub and Owner coordination meetings to maintain clear expectations and foster strong relationships with all parties involved. 
      • Plan and schedule project timelines and milestone using appropriate tools. 
      • Knowledgeable in construction fundamentals being able to schedule a Project with realistic timeframes and identification of critical path.
      • Effectively manage project team members and identify required personnel for the project

    • Qualifications / Requirements 
      • Experience in general commercial/industrial construction fundamentals.
      • Minimum of 5+ years experience as a Project Manager in a wide range of high raise commercial buildings and resort development projects.
      • Must be a skilled person to effectively organize and manage the project process through effective scope and document management.
      • Requires strong interpersonal skills to foster strong relationships with all stakeholders and be skilled at mediating issues.
      • Profession in Engineering degree is a must preferably with construction management 
      • Ability to adapt to changing demands and priorities.
      • Strong analytical skills in evaluating situations.
      • Perform other duties and take on other responsibilities, as needed.
      • Good proficiency in MS Excel, MS Word, MS Projects, AutoCAD
      • Method Statement Write ups
      • Preparing & Maintaining checklist for pre and post construction works
      • Performing & Submit daily progress reports, weekly progress reports, and monthly progress reports.
      • Circulating all meeting minutes.
      • Preparation and submitting the measurement sheets to all jobs

    • Assistant Executive - Marketing and Operations

    • The Assistant Executive Marketing and Operations would be working directly under the General Manager or anyone he delegates. The Person in this position will be responsible for the overall marketing of the Company and its products to the target market. The person in this position is required to be pro-active and an energetic individual who, under the guidance of the General Manager and will be responsible for carrying out market research, positioning, pricing, advertising, collecting feedback and other similar marketing related tasks.

      Job Responsibilities
      • Take overall charge of the marketing of aluminum products (aluminum doors and windows, wall cladding, and curtain wall), which would comprise of works like approaching the prospective clients, to provide all possible commercial and technical details about the products we deal with, follow-up, to assess the presence and activities of competitors. 
      • Coordinate with the product/service installation works and ensure customer satisfaction as per the laid-out norms.
      • Generate enquiries and prepare price, quotation and ensure a timely delivery of the product/service.
      • Make sure that the customers are given proper attention and required service in the most professional manner

    • Qualifications / Requirements 
      • Degree graduate in related field.
      • Pleasant personality with excellent communication in English.
      • Previous working experiences in the field is a MUST preferably 3 to 5 years

    • Executive - Sales and Marketing

    • Executive Sales and Marketing is responsible for achieving maximum sales of elevator/lift products sold by the Company. The Asst. Executive has to work in close consultation with the Marketing Manager as he/she is the overall in-charge but will be working independently in day to day operations so that there will be efficiency of service. 

      Job Responsibilities
      • Make sure that the sales of elevators/lifts are up to the expected level. 
      • Work out the orders in time and hand over the same to the Imports Department through the Marketing Manager. 
      • Generate enquiries from Projects and attend to them and try to convert them into confirmed orders. 
      • Look for government tenders and bids from various sources like newspapers and attend to them as required. 
      • Monitor the competitors activities in the field and discuss with the Marketing Manager to change strategies to suit our Business

    • Qualifications / Requirements 
      • Bachelors Degree or Diploma in related field.
      • At least 02 years experience in a related field or a similar position.
      • Good understanding of Microsoft Office Applications.
      • Possess good project marketing skills
      • Has good technical knowledge related to elevator/lift products

    We offer attractive compensation package. In addition, we provide support, both inside the office and outside the office to help insure success. 
    At Rainbow Construction, we provide an excellent and comprehensive compensation package to eligible employees, including:
    Medical Insurance
    Paid Annual Leave with Return Ticket
    Other Benefits. 

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