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    1. Tasks related to Applications, system, web, and maintenance programming

    2. Tasks related to modifying, designing, and software maintenance all by employing coding, debugging, testing, analyzing, and documenting software systems.

    3. Database creation, integration and management.

    4. API (Application Programming Interface) integration

    5. Backup and restore technologies for websites and applications files

    6. Develop new features, fix bugs, and optimize performance

    7. Depth knowledge in all the lifecycle of Web development such as but not limited to concept and development through QA (Quality Assurance) and tuning

    8. Conduct functional and nonfunctional testing.

    9. Establish a detailed program specification

    10. Breaking down program specification into its simplest elements and translating it to a programming language

    11. Updating, repairing, modifying and developing existing software and generic applications.

    12. Minimum 5 years of experience in a similar filed doing the above mentioned tasks
      Language Yes/No Years of Experience
      1. C++
      2. C#
      3. Java
      4. JavaScript
      5. SQL
      6. MySQL
      7. HTML
      8. CSS
      9. XML
      10. Jquery
      11. PHP
      12. Microsoft Visual
      13. Python
      14. Ruby on Rails
      15. Haskell
      16. Fortran
      17. Scala
      18. MATLAB
      19. Ruby
      20. Cascading Style Sheets
      21. ObjectiveC
      Recruiter Name:JOSETTE GHANEM
      Address:Lebanon, jouneih ,main road, josons building , 6th floor, Lebanon

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