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A Reputed Fertilizer Manufacturing Company

Production Engineer - Phoshpuric Acid - AM / DM
    • Manages shift operations by assigning section wise operation responsibility to operators, monitoring operating conditions, early detection of process and equipment troubles and taking corrective measures with team members, to achieve production, quality, and efficiency targets.
    • Ensures all team members comply with safety, environment, PSMS, and other management systems and participate in improvement activities to strengthen organisation.
    • Ensure that corrective/preventive actions are initiated by panel officers / field staff quickly and correctly by giving proper guidance and resources, based in his own plant rounds and observations by team members
    • Maintain close coordination with cross functional departments to get problems identified / rectified on equipment promptly to minimize plant down time and avoid recurrence of the problem through positive approach to human relations aspect.
    • Achieve good participation of all team members in carrying out systematic analysis for plant, equipment troubles (RCA & why-why analysis) and implement corrective and preventive actions to avoid recurrence.
    • Ensure 100% participation in TQM activities for addressing the plant related issues with optimum results.
    • Ensure proper and continued implementation of Safety through PSMS elements by proper adherence to all safety norms such as wearing of PPEs, Training on safety and Permit system in order to get incident free workplace.

    • Receiving of sulfur (solid & liquid) , rock phosphate from warf and issues to plant with proper accounting sytem through contract workmen.
    • Compliance to work permit systems for all jobs undertaken.
    • The incumbent carries out the shift coordination on manpower planning of Management, Non-Management Staff and Contract Workmen.
    • Train and educate all personnel in the department by sharing best practices and technical inputs for continual improvement.
    • "Change in operating conditions for betterment of operations together with team members within permissible limits. Plant short stopaage on account of safety, pollution control, damage to property.
    • Major changes in operating conditions / SOPs based on experience and with proper data and technical basis. The incumbent is guided by the delegation of authority laid down in the company

  • Qualified Btech / Mtech- Chemical with 3 -7 years of experience in sulphuric or phosphuric acid process plant.
  • Manpower management, communication, leadership skills. 
  • DCS operation, Shift monitoring, Panel Operations
  • Standard set on QMS/EMS/OSHAS/PSMS
  •  Contract Employee Handling.
  •  Chemical process equipment operation

  • Plant Manager - Phosphuric acid / Sulphuric Acid - DGM

    • Manage the Phosphoric acid production with optimum utilisation of resources, complying with safety, environment norms, management systems,statutory regulations, to achieve production targets in line with targeted quantity, quality, and efficiency. 1.Manage people to operate Phosphoric acid plants and produce Phosphoric acid 2. Ensures all the team complies with safety, environment, IMS and statutory regulations, and meet production and efficiency targets 3. To meet the business target
    • Achieve Production, efficiencies, and down time targets by monitoring plant operations, providing directions to team, coordination with various agencies (maintenance, materials, HR, all other support services etc. )
    • Analysis of process and equipment troubles along with team memebers and implement corrective and preventive action to avoid reoccurence
    • No accidents, incidents, pollution control norms deviation in the plant by ensuring compliance to safety, PSMS and IMS system by all team members by eductation and periodic auditing, propagating Senses concept.
    • TQM implementation and achive 1) good level of subordinate participation and 2) continual improvement in all processess
    • Prepare regular reports to Management, statutory bodies and release in time. Attend regular meetings (monthly review, budget, safety etc) to appraise management on plant performance and put up issues requiring management support for achieving targets
    • Subordinate development, competency improvement of team members, through apprisal system, counselling, training for bridging competency gaps
    • Identification of process improvents and equipment replacement required for plant Preparation of justification and feasibility report for Management approval

    Key decisions
    1. Change in operating parameters as per feedback from team
    2. Prioritization of maintenance jobs 
    3. Intake of DTL 
    1. Plant short stoppages for maintenacne and process related jobs
    2. CAPEX required for process improvements and equipment replacements
    3. Recognition and rewards for subordinates
    • Qualified Btech -Chemical / Mechanical with 10 - 15 yrs in chemical industry with atleast 5years of experience as a Plant Manager or Production Head .
    • Should have experience in managing a sulphuric or phosphuric acid plant
    • Prior experience in -
    • Trouble shooting
    • Hazop study
    • Root cause analysis
    • basic knowledge on mechanical and other disciplines to operate and maintain process equipment
    • or process improvements.
    • Leader ship, with communication skills to lead the team.
    • Knowledge of IMS, PSMS, Statutory regulations

  • Mechanical Maintenance Engineer - Sulphuric Acid / Phosphoric Acid

    • Drive the Maintenance and Project activities by ensuring strict adherence to safety, quality and environment norms in order to meet the budgeted targets, increase the Reliability of Equipment with reduction in Maintenance cost and Inventory. Develop a culture and to lead the Energy conservation practices for cost reduction and best optimization.
    • Ensures that equipment are tested by competent third party in time and comply with all systems and relevant statutory requirements. Ensures operators are trained for safe operation of equipment to avoid incidents. Maintenance & manpower planning, Allocatioin of equipment to users so that people and equipment are well utilised. Taking permit after checking the crane loading at the job site and periodic visit for ensuring safe operation of crane.
    • Arranging spares and other resources for maintenance jobs
    • Rasing PR and followup on items under procurement by coordination with planning dept, purchase and vendors to ensure availability.
    • Planning and executing testing of tools and tackles to comply with PSMS, statutory regulation
    • No accidents, incidents by ensuring compliance to safety, PSMS and IMS system by all team members by eductation, training and periodic auditing
    • 5S, TQM implementation, employee participation and achive 1) good level of subordinate participation and 2) continual improvement as per the target.
    • Regular Spares parts usage from stores 
    • Refurbishment or replacment of equipment based on his assesment and which has given expected service life Procurement of tools
    • New Vendor / contractor/ third party statutory inspection after technical evaluation.
    • Non routine procurement of High cost spares and Imported items, based on long life and economics.
    • Changes in vendor base with justification

  • Qualified Btech - Mechanical with 5- 10 yrs of experience in sulphuric or phosphuric acid plant.
  • 5 - 10+ years of experience in Managing mechanical workshop
  • Equipment repair and overhauling procedures.
  • Quality assurance procedures. Assesment of equipment
  • Knowledge of crane, Diesel engines, automobile equipment troubles identification. Assesment of equipment condtion using various tools. Management, communication.
  • Knowledge of Bearings, Gear boxes, Elevators, Machine lines, conveyors, pumps, blowers incl. heavy duty equipment.

  • Candidates willing to relocate to Tunisia may only apply

  • Recruiter Name:Kapil Marwaha
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