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Internationally designed and constructed Towers to European standards
    Relevant Industry: Facility Management/Building Management
    Job Description / Responsibilities 

    Managing Facilities and providing administrative, executive and business support to the Senior Management. Seeking a Leadership Assignment in the field of Maintenance Management with Growth and Service Oriented Organization and to add value to the organization work culture. To seek a challenging environment that encourages creativity & continuous learning.

    1. Maintains the operations of the Maintenance
    2. Receive all complaints from tenants in relation to maintenance and write them down in job card.
    3. Ensure all job cards are attended for and appropriate personal is assigned the job.
    4. Follow up on the work given to the maintenance people and make sure it is completed in time.
    5. Give update to the management on pending jobs and reason for it being so, so that alternative solution can be reached.
    6. Give update on the client on the status of the job so as the client can make arrangements accordingly.
    7. Coordinate and perform any other duty in relation with facilities of the building.
    8. Ensures all policies and procedures of the facility are enforced.
    9. Resolves concerns and problems of the clients ensuring that services are provided in a professional and safe manner.
    10. Responds to all center emergencies; 
    11. Supervises, supports, and assists staff.
    12. Completes records and reports as required.
    13. Performs related duties as required
    14. Ensure Job cards completed as per SLA
    15. Detailed report on pending Job card/reason for non completion and estimate time for completion.
    16. Total housekeeping in charge of the building
    17. Inspection of all building premises (commercial and residential areas)
    18. Ensure the cleanliness and orderliness of the building
    19. Supervise cleaners in conducting their duties and ensure that they perform properly
    20. Obtain the list of areas to be clean immediately and allocate duties.
    21. Ensure all housekeeping operational procedures are properly followed
    22. Completing a final check of an apartment and making sure standards have been met before the client move in
    23. Ensure and regularly check the all the fire exit doors are maintained free of obstruction
    Recruiter Name:Anshika

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