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HVAC Technician
    At least 1 year experience as HVAC Pipe Manufacturing
    CNC Programmer / Machinist
        At least 1 year experience as CNC Programmer/Machinist
        Mechanical Technician
            At least 1 year experience as Mechanical Technician Pipe Manufacturing
            Safety Officer
                At least 1 year experience as Safety Officer Pipe Manufacturing
                NDT Technician
                    At least 2 year experience as NDT Technician Pipe Manufacturing
                    Welding Engineer
                        At least 1 year experience as ID/OD Operator in Pipe Manufacturing
                        Production Manager
                            Production Manager will have daily
                            responsibility for managing the workforce, productivity, cost control, continuous process
                            improvement, health and safety, as well as employee training.
                            In support of the company business plan to meet or exceed OEE KPIs. This is a leadership
                            level role and will engage in the development of yearly budget and capital improvement
                            projects; Responsibilities:
                            Directly Leads and Manages Production Chiefs. Works collaboratively with Logistics, Yard,
                            Production Planning, QA Technician, HR, Finance to ensure company financials are met or
                            Inspire desired workplace safety behaviors defined in our 8 Step Safety Program. Leading
                            and sustaining a safe place to work environment. Lead and Ensure compliance with all OSHA
                            programs. Co- Lead Safety Committee program.
                            OEE, Financials etc.Oversee the production planning, staffing, and day-to-day
                            manufacturing operations in a cost-effective manner, accurately track and record KPIs.
                            Troubleshoot and resolve operational, manufacturing, and maintenance problems to
                            ensure minimum costs and prevent operational delays. Prepare and maintain appropriate
                            production record systems utilizing AX etc.
                            Ensure the efficient management of operations of a multiple shift production facility and
                            ensure the proper functioning of equipment identifying and resolving potential problems
                            Spends 80% of time on the shop floor.
                            Ensure product quality standards are met through inspections and material testing
                            Manage capital improvement projects including design, engineering, scheduling,
                            purchasing, budgets and installation and PM programs

                            Education and/or Experience:
                            5-7+ years of work experience in a production or operations management position 
                            (Should be in MASA 9.2 XL Plant production and experience in the same industry)
                            B.S. in Engineering, Business Management or related discipline preferred.
                            ERP SAP Business One
                            Ensure the proper functioning of equipment and identify potential equipment and process
                            Strong Mechanical aptitude. Mechanically inclined with proof of experience with
                            automated and precision alignment of drive trains, conveyors machine frames.
                            Strong Hydraulics, Compressor, and Pneumatics aptitude and ability to find root cause and
                            trouble shoot system issues.
                            Ability to test electrical systems, continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, Encoders,
                            Controllers, Profit-Bus, Servo Motors and Drives, Siemens PLCs 
                            (or like)
                            Basic knowledge in PLC Logic Controls, Programmable controls with excellent trouble
                            shooting skills
                            Able to operate equipment, and proven track record of training and instructing others with
                            little to no skills


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