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In a world of water shortage and an increasing awareness of water problems, Paharpur has grown from a small lumber saw mill to one of the largest cooling tower manufacturers in the world.
There are few problems Paharpur cannot solve related to the cooling of water or other liquids. We have a first class Research and Development centre which has consistently produced innovative concepts that have now become industry standards. All components or materials are carefully selected and tested under the adverse conditions applicable in operation. Our engineering and production standards often exceed general standards, the objective being to supply a prime quality product which will provide low cost and reliable service to our customers over many years.
Major industries such as electricity generating, petroleum refining, chemical processing, sugar, air-conditioning and refrigeration, steel and so on use a vast assortment of cooling towers and air cooled heat exchangers.
Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited was founded in February 1948 by its Ex Chairman, Mr. Mahendra Swarup. It entered the cooling tower industry in 1958 and in the last 57 years has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of cooling towers in the world.

    Spearhead Projects Activities 
    Planning, Scheduling, Controlling & Monitoring Project
    Contract Administration, Budgeting, Cost Control
    Field Inspection & QA/QC
    Implementation of Safety, Health, Environment Policy
    Documentation & Data Control
    Liaison Activities and Statutory Compliances
    Construction Management and Resource Planning
    Develop & execute Project recovery plan in case of any delay 
    Good knowledge in Project Contractual conditions, Delay Analysis and Claim Management
    B. Tech / B.E. Civil Engineer 
    10-12 years of civil execution experience at industrial construction sites (preferably in tall structures like Chimneys, Natural Draught / Induced Draught Cooling Towers)
    Leadership capabilities, strong communication (both written and verbal) skills, ability to learn and adapt quickly
    Ability to stay unbiased, impartial and dispassionate in the work environment 
    Good Negotiation and Decision Making skill
    Conversant with Planning, Execution & Procurement activities

Tanmoy Roy

Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd

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