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Evalueserve is a global professional services provider offering research,analytics,and data management services.We are powered by mind+machine , a unique combination of human expertise and best-in-class technologies that use smart algorithms to simplify key tasks. This approach enables us to design and manage processes that can generate and harness insights on a large scale,significantly cutting costs and timescales and helping businesses that partner with us to overtake the competition. We work with clients across a wide range of industries and business functions, helping them to make better decisions faster; reach new levels of efficiency and effectiveness;and see a tangible impact on their top and bottom line
    The Manager we are to hire would lead multiple pre-investment research/due diligence/IBD projects, with a team of analysts, of varying complexities for our clients focusing on a variety of industries.

    Primary responsibilities of incumbent will be 

    1. Managing Project Delivery by a team of Analysts:

    a. Initial Problem Structuring & Proposal Development:
    i. Evaluating clients requirements and developing a clear understanding
    ii. As per the requirements, structuring the project (scope, research methodology, planned output analysis/insights, project pricing, etc.)
    iii. Getting proposals prepared for the client

    b. Project Planning & Setup: 
    i. Detailed scoping of work & issue analysis for execution
    ii. Preparing detailed project plans (GANTT Chart)
    iii. Setting up team

    c. Project Execution:
    i. Individual contribution:
    1. Developing knowledge of research topic
    2. Data collection, collation, analysis and presentation
    ii. Ensuring project teams contribution (managing analysts): 
    1. Guiding team members (what to do and how to do different tasks)
    2. Monitoring the work done by the team members
    iii. Participating in client communication throughout project lifecycle.
    iv. Driving brainstorming sessions for problem structuring, issue & decision tree analysis, hypothesis building & validation, development of insights. 

    2. Team / People Management
    a. Playing the role of mentor/coach
    b. Evaluating the performance of reportees for annual appraisal
    c. Training reportees and other employees.

    3. Supporting Business Development (Marketing Material, Developing Proposals, etc.).

    4. Undertaking Administrative Tasks
    a. Project initiation/closure
    b. Invoicing
    1. Language skills (verbal and written):
    a. Fluent English 
    b. Chinese (native Chinese preferred)
    2. Degree (bachelors and/or masters degree or equivalent)
    3. At least 4 years of relevant experience (a maximum of 8), including DD, market/business/industry research and/or consulting roles; 
    4. At least 2 years of experience as a project manager / team leader or any equivalent position
    5. Sound understanding of financial statements preferred.
    6. Good track record of project and client management
    7. Experience in the area of problem structuring, conducting issue/decision tree analysis, developing/validating hypotheses will be a plus
    8. High confidence
    9. Knowledge of different cultures and ability to work in an international environment
    10. Exceptional learning capabilities and a good work ethic
    11. Should be ready to work in a demanding and intellectually stimulating environment
    12. Excellent MS Office skills
    13. Excellent time management skills
    14. Positive attitude and solution orientation

Contact Company:Evalueservecom Pvt Ltd

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